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Unikastone as a wholesaler of natural stone have long been a leader in this field which is based in New South Wales. And, both decorative and building stones consisting Travertine, Marble, Granite and limestone and basalt are offered by it across Australia. Fortunately, given the unique variety of the stones, a convenient ordering process with good quality, suitable packaging, and fast transportation, our customers have long fulfilled their needs from us.


How to make sandstone?

How to make Sandstone?

Sandstone is the second most common sedimentary rock on the Earth's surface. This beautiful and natural stone has many qualities such as appealing appearance, strength, durability and many others; these properties have made sandstone a versatile natural stone for many applications. For example, sandstone can be highly durable therefore it has been used as a paving material for various projects in different areas. Due to its beauty, colors, strength and other physical properties, sandstone has been favored and prized as...

how is sandstone made

How is Sandstone made?

After shale, sandstone is the second most common sedimentary rock on the Earth’s crust. Due to the abundance, diversity in texture and mineralogy, sandstones are important indicators in some erosional and depositional processes. Also owing to many physical properties that sandstone has, the sandstone slab and tiles are used in many architectural and constructional projects for different purposes. Here in this article our focus is to find answer to the question of "what is sandstone made of?". Sandstone Features Sandstones are...

sandstone uses

What is Sandstone used for?

When it comes to choosing a natural material for your projects whether you are renovating a property, or you just starting a constructional and design project; the natural stones must be on the list that you can choose from. Natural stones can be used both indoor and outdoor which makes them highly recommended. The list of natural stones that you can choice from can be a long one. These are some of the names that you can see on that...

sandstone slab

Different ways and finishes to make Sandstone Slab

When you decide to use a natural stone for your design and in the projects, they can be available in various shapes, cuts, finished and sizes. By seeing this many options to choose from, it may pup a question in your mind that "how these slab and tiles are made?". Here in this article our focus is on a specific natural stone: "sandstone". In the past we have had many discussions about sandstone slab and tile uses, market, types, origin,...

how to clean sandstone fireplace?

What are the ways to clean Sandstone Fireplace?

Fireplaces can be an amazing addition to your home and interior design. They can be presentable in many styles such as rustic, contemporary or classic settings. The material that you choose with its color, style and design will also add more character to your place. One of the most likable and recommended materials is natural stone. Among natural stones there are various types such as marble, granite, sandstone, limestone and many others. Here our main focus is on sandstone fireplaces. Sandstone...


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