Beige Travertine

Beige Travertine

A Grade Beige Travertine Stone
French pattern 12mm


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Requst this stone

Requst this stone

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Beige Travertine Pavers are our most popular stone, and are the lightest travertine on the market. beige is identified by the color range from light beige to dark beige, not to be confused with Noce Mocha/Walnut. Beige Travertine is an elegant, sophisticated stone that works beautifully with almost any hardscape design, whether classic, modern, or contemporary. These pavers come in several sizes and are sold by the square foot.

Low Maintenance

Unikastone’s tiles surfaces require minimum maintenance and no exceptional preservation, sealing, staining, or seasonal treatments over time.

Easy Installation

Each component of our tiles and pavers is precision cut for accurate coupling. Any installation would become significantly easy for skilled carpentry crews utilizing mechanical fasteners and standard tools.

Easy to Clean

Unikastone’s products are designed so that cleaning would take minimum time and effort and also needs to be done less frequently.

Mold and moss resistant

Unikastone tile and paver deck products are an inhospitable surface for any form of vegetative growth.

Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Most collections are available in a standard thickness suitable and practical for interior and exterior applications.

Stain Resistant

As a result of being non-porous, Unikastone tile and paver deck surfaces make it difficult for dark smudges or stains to get a foothold.


Unikastone tile and paver deck surfaces are skid resistant and textured to prevent slip-and-falls even when wet.

Reflects Heat

Certain colors have a solar reflectance index of between 60% and 80%, which means that the material has low heat absorption and stays cooler to touch.

Flame Resistant

Our products are flame-resistant natural stones.

French pattern Beige travertine tiles

Travertines are beautiful and unique natural stones suitable for French pattern tiles and pavers. These natural stones have been utilized over decades and centuries by royal families and wealthy people all around the world for both interior and exterior areas of great properties and grand structures in order to accentuate the beauty of the areas. This is while, nowadays, designers and homeowners bring the touch of beauty and class to modern buildings with French pattern travertine tile and paver. The most significant feature of travertine is that it can be shaped to fit any design and installation, whether indoors or outdoors, residential or commercial.

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