better design with limestone | limestone inside and outside

better design with limestone | limestone inside and outside

When it comes to interior and exterior design projects, Limestone is one of the popular and recommended choice among natural stones. Limestone is one of the most used materials for construction projects all over the world and there are many great advantages in using it as a construction material. The boldest reason is that limestone is a durable stone and can be available in many regions. Typically, it has been used as a standard and reliable thick flagstone through the years. also, with the development in its productions; now it has many new styles and finishing’s.

limestone inside and outside ;You can find limestone products in different shapes. For example, as in blocks for construction projects, stone cladding for facade and walls and floor paving slab and tiles. This feature makes it one of the most preferred natural stone by many architects and constructional companies.

Limestone slab and tiles are highly durable; therefore, they can be a proper choice for paving materials in exterior designs. Like other natural stones, if you want to use them for outdoor and open spaces; do not forget to seal them. limestone inside and outside ; If they are sealed properly, they can be protected against almost any stains and even the incompatible weather conditions.

As you may already know, limestone slab and tiles are very versatile. This feature can easily help designer or planners to have more creative ideas for creating different contemporary or traditional design styles for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Limestone uses in interior design | limestone inside and outside

limestone inside and outside ; If you use limestone slab and tiles in interior design your project, they can make a glamorous appearance or even add a very high visual appeal to simple and dull looking areas. Limestones can also be used in different parts and details of your projects, places such as staircases, fireplaces, basins, paving, window sills, facades and stair treads or even as decorative objects like sculptures. Here we describe the most common uses of limestone in interior design projects:

  • Walls and Backsplashes
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Pure limestones must be in white color, but most of the time due to the presence of other minerals, it exists in other shades like cream, tan, greenish, brownish and etc. with this palette of colors, these elegant slabs can be used as cover material for walls and backsplashes which can add some visual appeal to any area. Also, when used as wall claddings, they can help designers, architects, planners and stone professionals to give numerous innovative and creative ideas.

  • Flooring

Limestone tiles are one of the popular natural stones paving materials for indoor flooring. They can give an elegant and stunning look to your project especially when used for kitchens.

  • Columns

Limestone tiles can be used as cladding of columns, it will make them the focal point of the room. So if you want to make an impact, covering elements like columns with it, can stand out in any place.

  • Fireplaces

There are a many different types of limestone that each can be a good choice of materials for designing fireplaces. Whatever the style of your project is, they can be a suitable cover for your fireplace surrounds.

Limestone uses in exterior design

limestone inside and outside | As we mentioned earlier, limestone slab and tiles can be used for both interior and exterior design purposes. But due to probable environmental factors you should make sure that the installation process has happened properly. Also try to use a suitable sealer, they can help you to reduces maintenance over time. In below, we name and describe the two common and different ways that you can use limestone in outdoor places:

  • Facades and Cladding
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One of the most common uses of limestone in constructional projects, is for elevation coverings and facades. If you look around, you can see them all around you in places such as office building, shopping centers, public buildings, museums and homes. In this way,limestone inside and outside, is an important material for urban and landscape designs to.

  • Paving

limestone inside and outside, The incredible durability of limestone, make it a good choice of material for paving. Also, with its unique texture and different possible finishing’s, it can make an eye-catching and spectacular entrance or driveway for your house. When they are used in patios, they can be more permeable. They are an eco-friendly material to.

Advantages of limestone

limestone inside and outside ;There are a many benefits to using limestone in construction and renovation projects. Here we name some of them:

  • Limestone is a rock with diverse uses. the crushed limestone’s are made to for purposes such as road bases, railroads, foundation stones, drain fields, concrete aggregates and other constructional purposes.
  • They are extremely durable, therefore they can be used in constructional projects and pavements.
  •  Limestone is weather resistance which makes them a great material for outdoor purposes.
  • It is a versatile material that can match and be a part of almost any kind of environment or design styles.
  • It can conductor the heat which makes it a great choice of material for places that you need to decrease the inner temperature a couple of degrees.
  • Limestone is not available all over the world. It can only exist in areas underlined with sedimentary rocks. When limestone is needed in other places, buyers will pay high amount of money to have limestone brought in for their project. However, in comparison to other materials it can be easily available in many regions. so, limestone can be an economical choice.
  • There are many magnificent monuments all around a world that are made out of limestone which means that it can stand the test of time.
  • Limestone is often cut into blocks or slabs with specific dimensions to use in construction and architectural projects.
  • Some kind of crushed limestone, can be used in smelting or some other metal refining processes.
  • There are various types of limestone and each of them have their own names. All the names are based on some fact like the rocks formation process, its appearance, its composition or even its physical properties. Chalk, travertine and tufa are the top three most popular of them.
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limestone inside and outside ,In the end, if you need any help or support to make a rational decision and get the best result that you want in your project; contact us.

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