How to find and buy Cheap Pool Tiles?

cheap pool tiles

How to find and buy Cheap Pool Tiles?

When it comes to choosing a paving material for pool renovation and design, as they need a great amount of tiles; their price and overall costs are one of the main concerns for designers and home owners. So they all are always looking for the cheap tiles that can also provide quality. Nowadays renovation and retiling your pool surrounds is a simple task whereas before, it may have cost you a lot of money, time and in some cases even a broken leg! In this article we answer your questions about how can these tiles be cheap and what are the natural stone pavers that you can use for pools.

How Can a Pool Paver Tile Be Cheap?

Mostly, a cheap product, has a very low quality and in general terms, buying cheap costs more in the end. Most of the times this term can be true, but when it comes to the companies which their products are directly imported of top-quality natural stone and tile products from other top international manufacturers; it’s another story.

These companies are directly in business with manufactures and they buy their supplies in bulk. In this way by eliminating the middleman they save so much which is good for them and their customers. Due to this process the cost of their products can decrease highly in comparison to other product of another companies. This means you are not buying cheap product, on the contrary you are dealing with a very professional company that has efficient prices.

Instead of spreading their factory and bases, almost all of these companies have very limited factories. So, they can invest more of their time and energy on these factories which can lead to more up to date machine and tools. Also by creating online shops, the buying process has become easier to both companies and customers. Companies can save the displaying money and rent for stores, and for customers, they can search and gain information about what they want to purchase products anytime and anywhere.

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Most of these companies, aim to help their customers in any way they can. They invest in their customer services from the delivery process to answering questions that they may have. For example, they have many ways to contact them which makes it easy for the customers to get in touch with them. Multiple platforms such as emails, phone calls, chat bots and etc. In the end as they satisfy their customers, they save a lot of money to which can result in more affordable and cheap prices for their products.

Here at Unikastone, we do all that said above and we truly aim to please our customers in any way we can.

cheap pool tiles

Natural Stone Pool Tiles

There are vast range of pool pavers available in different materials, costs, styles, quality and colors which make them a perfect product. Like any other material you should have a list of expectations and factors that are important to you, so when you get to stores or online shops you know what you are looking for and find it in your budget range. Due to their vast range, in the end it is unlikely for you to come empty handed.

One of the famous materials for pool renovation and design is natural stone. When you decide to use natural stone for your pool renovation or design projects, just like any other place by installing them you will instantly add value to your property. Also, natural stone can enhance your pools appearance, in the meantime it has high performance and low maintenance. This material can offer permanence and elegance to any kind of design styles. Furthermore, due to it nature and being highly durable, it can pass the test of time even when used for outdoor areas. Natural stone pavers and tiles are best suitable for pool surround and other general outdoor paving.

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When it comes to renovating or designing pools, natural stone paver and tiles are one of the safest choices. They are highly durable and with different finishes that are applied to their surfaces, they become slip resistance. slipping on the edge of pools is one of the main concern for anyone who has kids, because kids will run around pools which is very hazardous if you have slippery floors. Some of the most common finishes that are used for increasing slip resistance are unfilled and honed finishes with tumbled edges for each tile.

When you are choosing a material for your pool, you should note that pools and spas are wet areas which means that the materials used for tiling them should be resistant to both slipping and different kinds of detergents that are used to keep them clean and clear of germs. For example, in some places it is common to use Chlorine base detergents in the pools to keep the water clear.

Different Types of Natural Stone Pool Tiles

  • Travertine Tiles for Pools

Travertine is a sedimentary rock formed out of deposits of calcium carbonate, due to its formation process it has a Porous texture. It can be used as an ornamental stone for both interior and exterior design. Travertine can provide an elegant appearance for your pool surrounds or decks. This porous material is a slip free surface which is a great quality around pools. They are mostly available in different cream-colored tones.

  • Granite Pavers

Granite is an igneous rock formed out of quartz, feldspar or mica which makes it to have a flecked and sparkling look. Granite is a tough, hard, compact and durable stone. So it can be an ideal paving material. If it is used for pool paving, it presents an elegant appearance near water. A granite tile with flammed finishing surface is slip resistant which makes it a perfect choice for swimming pools.

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  • Quartzite Tiles for Colored Floors

Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that is formed out of grains of quartz. It is usually available in different types of white. It is a hard, tough and resilient stone which makes it an ideal material for pool floors.

  • Gneiss with an Elegant Appearance

Gneiss has an elegant look that can add a radiant touch to your pool edges. this natural stone has authenticity and a known character. Gneiss is available in different its shades of beige and grey and sometimes it appears in lighter tones.

Here at Unikastone, we have different types of top quality and cost efficient pool tiles. If you need help to make the best decision, do not hesitate to contact us. our professional advisors can help you through this process. We try our best to help you achieve the best renovation or design that you have in mind.

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