Best and easiest way to clean Limestone Paving

how to clean limestone

Best and easiest way to clean Limestone Paving

Cleaning limestone paving is one of the categories that most of our buyers face. Due to the high sensitivity of limestone paving, many of our customers use the wrong methods and the wrong materials to clean their limestone paving and cause damage to it. We try to make you more aware of this issue in this article.

About Limestone

Limestone is a sedimentary rock primarily composed of calcium carbonate in the form of mineral calcite. It is usually formed in clear, warm, and shallow sea waters. It is usually an organic sedimentary rock composed of crusts, corals, algae, and fecal debris. It can also be a chemical sedimentary rock with calcium carbonate from lake or ocean water.

Different ways to Clean Limestone

Regarding the cleaning of limestone paving, people must do limestone cleaning with knowledge and knowledge about the purity of limestone. Because limestone paving is one of the sensitive materials between natural stone paving , and with the help of awareness and clumsy cleaning, it may witness severe damage to the paving.

  • Cleaning limestone paver steps

In this section, we want to acquaint you with the steps and do’s and don’ts in cleaning limestone paving so that you can use it after buying and preparing limestone paving for home, patio, garden, backyard, etc. The good part of the paving age:

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  • Take out the extras

At this stage, all you need to do to have a clean and beautiful limestone at the end of the sink is to remove large and excess debris. Large and excess occupations of objects such as plastic occupancy, fallen leaves from a tree, to the ashes of cigarettes. Because if there is this debris during cleaning, debris may create new stains for your limestone paving.

  • Getting Wet

At this stage, it is enough to wet the paving surface of your limestone with a bucket of water; this will cause the surface dirt that was not cleaned with a broom in the previous step, this time by pouring water from Disappear. Wetting the surface of your limestone paving also prepares the paving for bathing in the following stages. It goes without saying that with the same pouring of water, you will notice a noticeable change and shine in your limestone paving.

  • Let’s bath

In the bathing stage, all that needs to be done is to add some soap and detergent for the limestone to clean it. At this stage and preparation of raw materials, you should note that you should do not use acidic detergents, citrus detergents, and chemicals in any way. As mentioned, limestone paving is a susceptible substance compared to other stones. Is. After preparing the suitable detergent, all you have to do is pour it on the wet surface of the limestone pavement and make a petite soap suds.

  • Dry It

After washing your limestone paving, you should start drying it. Try to use a soft cloth to dry your limestone paving, as it may damage the stone due to its high sensitivity. Also, make sure that the pavement surface is dehydrated, as any moisture and water will remain on the pavement, creating new stains.

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  • Sealer

When installing limestone paving, they use a liquid as a sealant to prevent the occurrence of occupation and dirt, create a gap between the stones, disrupt their arrangement, and sometimes develop cracks in the rocks. Sealing also makes the paving surface of limestone polished and shiny. When washing and applying detergents on limestone paving, this sealant also disappears, and it is better to use glue on your limestone paving after each series of washing.

how to clean limestone paving

Different Limestone Cleaner

  • Water and Soup

One of the simplest methods and, in fact, limestone washers that anyone can easily make is a solution of water and soap, but it is better to prepare soap for washing limestone when preparing soap. After soaking the soap and water solution, pour it on your limestone paving. Note that this solution is very suitable for surface stains but still requires time and patience to clean.

  •  Hydrogen Peroxide Flour

If you come across stains that could not be soaked in soap and water and seemed to need a stronger detergent, you can use a combination of hydrogen peroxide and water called a poultice. To make this product, you need to combine hydrogen peroxide and 2 cups of flour. Then knead this mixture until it is entirely doughy. After the required dough is formed, it is enough to place a piece of it on the hard stain created on the surface of your limestone pavement, and after waiting for two days and drying the dough, separate it with a plastic spatula.

What not to do in limestone paver cleaning

  • Don’t use harsh cleaners on limestone paver

From the first cases of do nots, we can also emphasize the issue that has been mentioned before. As mentioned, you should avoid using detergents containing chemicals and citrus fruits as they can damage the stone.

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  • Don’t use lemon juice on limestone paver

One of the things to keep in mind when cleaning and to remove stains is not to use lemon juice, vinegar, and other mild acids. In common parlance, in the event of contact with acidic materials and limestone, due to a series of chemical processes that may not even be visible, the limestone gradually begins to tarnish and lose its beautiful appearance.


How many steps do we have to clean the limestone paving in?

There are five steps include: cleaning the surface, getting limestone wet, washing it, drying and adding sealing


What shouldn’t we do while cleaning limestone paving?

• Don’t use harsh cleaners on limestone paver
• Don’t use lemon juice on limestone paver

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