Reasons for using Limestone Paving

limestone paving

Reasons for using Limestone Paving

In this article, we try to explain all the points about limestone paving to make it easier for you to buy limestone paving.

What is limestone?

Limestone, a substance that has attracted the attention of scientists for many years for research and exploratory subject, this type of rock is one of the sedimentary rocks, which is a subset of carbonate sedimentary rocks. Much of this stone is made of the minerals calcite and aragonite, which are various crystalline models of calcium carbonate.

Limestone paving pros and cons

Limestone paving has advantages and, of course, disadvantages that will help you a lot when choosing and buying.


  • Limestone paving has advantages and, of course, disadvantages that will help you a lot when choosing and buying.
  •  Although the variety of colors of limestone is not much, with the colors of gray, blue, green, yellow, beige, etc., it has different color spectrums, which makes this feature a beautiful effect with the interior or facade. Give outsiders in hallways, patios, parking lots, etc.
  •  The abundance of limestone has made it possible for limestone to be offered to the customer at a relatively cheaper price than other quarry stones.
  •  Another advantage of limestone is its anti-slip. Limestone paving is also highly resistant to cold and frost. The ability to freeze provides conditions that the customer can use as paving for corridors, paving the path in the gardens, and also paving the stairs.
  • Limestone has high strength and durability, which is an example of this feature that is very clear in museums, churches, and old buildings because by paying attention to the limestone paving used in these places and buildings, you will notice very little damage. And sometimes there is no damage to these paving stones, which indicates the high durability of this stone.


In addition to the advantages, limestone sink, like other minerals, also has its disadvantages, which we have described to you below:

  • In general, the stones used in buildings are divided into two categories: extracted and composites. Composite stones include materials such as concrete, brick, and composite materials such as limestone, granite, sandstone, and marble. Due to the great abundance of composite stones around the world, it can be said that they are very cheap, these types of stones are even cheaper than limestone, but it should be noted that they do not have many advantages of limestone.
  • Other disadvantages of limestone paving include staining. Limestone, unlike other extracted rocks, is easily stained, but this problem can be solved. If the limestone pavement that he has installed is stained, the customer can steam-salt his pavement by hiring specialists.
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White limestone paving

To give a beautiful and bright effect, one of your options is white limestone paving. White limestone with its beautiful and unique view can be a good option for paving narrow corridors and your backyard to add a bright space, add a sense of freshness, and positivity to your environment.

Cream limestone paving

Cream-colored limestone paving is one of the most popular items among people because this paint is a neutral color and is widely used in most cases. When this color is placed in the form of limestone paving, it adds a sense of warmth and intimacy to your environment.

Limestone crazy paving

  • What is Crazy Paving

Crazy paving is a type of paving used for floors and walls, this type of paving is often used for environments that require high resistance in the floor or walls. The method of paving crazy paving is such that the pieces of stone used, such as limestone, are placed irregularly and in pieces, and there is no order between them. They fill mortar between the gaps of this type of paving.

  • What is Limestone Crazy Paving

Limestone Crazy Paving is a type of crazy paving that is made of limestone. One of the main reasons that limestone is suitable for crazy paving is that crazy paving is used in places that need high strength and limestone is a complement to this type of paving due to its high strength and durability. In short, limestone crazy paving is a good combination for running on hallways, parking lots, gardens, and so on.

limestone paving

Limestone black paving

Black limestone paving is a type of paving in which black limestone is used. Black limestone is one of the types of limestone that gained a lot of fans at the beginning of its entry into the market and after a while, it became one of the best-selling stones in the market. But the stone has been in decline recently and has lost some of its fans, which also has its reasons. Black limestone, like many other stones, has its advantages and disadvantages, which you have described in this text:

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  • One of the advantages of limestone paving is such as its high strength, which is characteristic of all limestones. This property is one of the inherited properties of black limestone from limestone
  • Another feature of black limestone paving, which is one of its most important capabilities, is that it can be cut and is actually easy to cut. This property is also part of the inherited properties like the previous property.
  • Another feature that distinguishes it from the general properties of limestone, black limestone paving has a very attractive and eye-catching view that gives your environment a very luxurious and luxurious atmosphere. In addition to being luxurious, this type of stone has a very modern effect that manifests itself best in minimal designs.


  • The first and almost most important disadvantage of black limestone paving is its weakness in the sun, which makes it prone to fading. Black limestone paving As mentioned above, it fades over time and its deep black color turns to a color close to gray.

  • The second disadvantage of black limestone paving is the maintenance after purchase and installation. Due to the sensitivity of black limestone and its susceptibility to fading, it is necessary to pay more attention to its maintenance than usual and spend money, which is one of the negative points of black limestone. Of course, it should be noted that many of the disadvantages of this type of stone have solutions that make it logical for you to buy black limestone paving.

Does Limestone Paving Need Sealant?

One of the ambiguities for many customers who have purchased limestone paving is whether or not this type of paving needs to be sealed. The answer to this question is very clear, any kind of treatment is a positive point and will help a lot to reduce your costs. Sealing the limestone pavement completely prevents staining on the limestone, and after sealing, all that is needed to handle it is to keep the pavement clean.

Sandstone vs limestone for durability

Most of the questions that occupy the minds of most people are about the comparison between limestone and sandstone. The most important question that we want to explain in this article, which refers to one of the most effective factors in buying stone, is which of the stones is more resistant and durable and is more suitable for use in difficult conditions. ?

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The point is that both stones have high strength and endurance, and of course, their choice is very difficult. In short, there is no superiority and both stones have enough strength and overall durability, but from a more specialized point of view, the only slight difference is in the way they are sealed, which should be said to be a seal. And waxing limestone is more laborious and expensive

How to cut limestone paving?

  • Step One:

In the first stage of cutting limestone, work tools, as well as safety tools such as gloves, hats, and goggles, should be provided, because working and cutting stones in case of problems can be very accidental and dangerous. After preparing the tools and safety, it is time to start marking the stones for cutting with a pencil and ruler. It is important that the more curved the lines on the stones, the harder it will be to cut.

  • Step Two:

The second step for cutting limestone is to start cutting it with suitable tools such as a diamond saw. Before cutting, you must make sure that the limestone is stable to prevent unforeseen accidents. Then, using the molds and following the designs that were previously drawn with a pencil, we start cutting with a diamond saw. This point should be kept in mind when cutting, in no case should we rush in cutting, because in case of rush, the edges of the limestone will not be as smooth as they should be, or the boulders will crack at all.

  • Step Three:

In the third step, we must ensure the edges of the cut stones are smooth. If the edges of limestone are not smoothed, skin injuries may occur if they come in contact with the skin. You can work on the edges of your slate by using electric sandpaper.

Limestone paving in Sydney

Unikastone collection in the field of stone sales, by including the best materials and the most diverse stones especially limestone paver for your exterior and interior decoration and industrial uses, tries to provide the best services to you dear ones in Sydney.

Limestone Paving Price

Regarding the cost of limestone paving, it should be said that the unikastone company has tried to provide the best material to you dear ones by providing the lowest price.

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