Natural stone decor for home in Australia

natural stone in australia

Natural stone decor for home in Australia


Every day there are some people all around the world who need to find a suitable natural stone for their projects but they don’t have enough information of the different types of them and their advantages or disadvantages. Whether you are an ordinary user, architect, interior designer, project manager, builder or contractor, you many need some level of education about the strengths and weaknesses of the different kinds of natural stones. Here in this article we attempt to condense this information, focusing on the most popular types of natural stones used in Australia, to make it easier for you to make you decision.

natural stone in australia
  • Granite

Due to its durability, granite is a perfect material for covering floors where there is high traffic anticipated which means places like busy kitchen worktops at the house or hallways and entrances in other residential and commercial buildings. Granite can be a practical choice of material for kitchen countertops where spills and placement of hot objects can’t scratch or harm them.

Granit is rough and hard natural stone; it can pass the test of time and withstand heavy objects which makes it a perfect material for paving driveways and entranceways of the house. Due to all these properties, it is favored among Australians to be an ideal material for paving specially for their backyards and landscape designs.

Granite shades are available from light grey through to black but also in almost any color; owing to its colors and pattern it is available in different names in the market such as Austral Coffee Granite, Kangaroo Granite, Bruce Rock Granite, Desert Rose Granite, New England Beige Granite, Austral Green Granite and many others.

  • Sandstone
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Sandstone can offer room for creation for architect, designer and homeowners and make them to be able to create any pattern that they wish to have. You can get sandstone in many size and shapes to your liking. Sandstone is a reflective material which allows its surface to slightly change its colors when the sun changes its position throughout the day. Some of the most popular colors for sandstone are white, purple, pink, orange, and yellow and these are some of the commercial names of sandstones on the market: Grampians Sandstone, Outback Red Sandstone, Helidon Sandstone, Old English Town Sandstone, Coogee Sandstone.

  • Marble

Natural stone in Australia | Marble must be the most popular type among natural stones that really needs no introduction as anybody gas heard of it. But here we go again to describe it; it has a beautiful texture that has visible veining on its surface.

With sweeping lines and high-polish finishes it can arguably be the most luxurious natural stone for any design projects. by installing these tiles, you add instant value to your property. Marble needs a sensible level of sealing and maintenance. Its beauty needs tending and must be carefully looked after. Marble stone is available in a wide range of striking colors depending on your individual needs and can have different names based on it in the market such as Gold Vein Marble, Orbicular Black Marble, Pink Crystal Marble, White Pearl Marble, Chillagoe Opal White Marble, Green Wave Marble and so on.

Interior design purposes is one of the use of marble in places such as living rooms, television rooms, entranceways, stairs and as back splashes in different rooms. Their presence can attract the viewers’ attention and for exterior applications, it is better to use them on walls not floors as they can be slippery and dangerous.

  • Slate
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Natural stone in Australia | Like any other natural stones, slate has a number of ecofriendly characteristics such as durability, simple care, low-cost maintenance and withstanding the test of time. Architects and designers use slate stone for both exterior and interior applications.

Exterior applications of natural slate stone can include landscaping, roofing, copings, floor paving and wall cladding. As for interior properties, it is usable for wall and floor tiles, fire surrounds, countertops and even sometimes as a tableware or house sign.  Slate resistant to heat and water which makes this stone an ideal material for all the uses that we named before. Different types of slate natural stone is available in the market by name of Castlemaine Slate, Newcastle Dark Grey Slate, Spalding Slate and etc.

  • Limestone

Natural stone in Australia |One of the key features of limestone is that you can be ordered in different shapes and sizes suitable to your needs and desires. Limestone is another type of elegant natural stones which is very famous among residential and commercial projects. Limestone has a soft texture which means it requires a proper sealing and carful maintenance plan to save its delicate and beauty. Limestone has been used in some of the world’s most iconic monuments which has proved its durability trough time. With its color pallet, it can make a statement in any part of your interior design however it can also fit perfectly with minimal style space too. Limestone is available in various colors; due to its pattern and hues it has different names in the market such as Gambier Limestone, Waikerie Limestone, Yorke Peninsula Limestone and etc.

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Natural Stone Finishes

Natural stone in Australia |Depending on your projects need and requirements, choosing a suitable finishing can make your product stand out even more in comparison to some alternative finish. In previous articles we have discussed different types of finishes and their impact on products, check them here.

How can we Help?

The article above is just a quick review on some of the popular stones used in Austrailia. Here at Unikastone, we can happily help you to discuss all the exact features of your project and what your vision of the finished project looks like. From there, we can recommend different kinds of stones and products suitable and best for your vision and in your style. All you need to do is to contact us.

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