Natural stone tile for kitchens | Unikastone

Natural stone tile for kitchens | Unikastone

tile for kitchens | If chosen wisely, any type of stone flooring can suit all homes, with a sophisticated it can add more value to the place. As a costumer you should know that each material and type of stone has different properties and can come with various pros, cons and costs. All kinds of stone floorings can work in most spaces, whether you have a contemporary styled home or a modern designed one.

Natural stone tiles have many purposes in different areas like bathrooms, hallways and etc. but the most common use of them in interior design is in kitchens, it’s not just looks that make natural stone a perfect material and element in kitchens. Its value is because it can be used in many different ways like backsplashes, countertops and floorings. On the other hand, due to the vast palette of color and hues; designers can have more creativity in their designs. Which makes them the best types of flooring materials if you want to add value and character to your property.

Natural Stone tile for Kitchens

Thanks to Mother Nature, all natural stone tiles is known for being classy and beautiful. But, like any other material, it has some good points and some other bad points. In here, we try to help you decide if natural stone is a good material for your kitchen.

Advantages of natural stone uses in Kitchen


Natural stone tiles manufactured for flooring materials, are literally as hard as a rocks. natural stones are durable, long-lasting choice for your kitchen so with different density they can be used as backsplashes, countertops and floorings.

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tile for kitchens | The fact that natural stones are beautiful is the most known fact to all people. Since they are naturally made with different process, they are different in the details when it comes to each piece which also makes each tile and piece a unique one. Due to the process, there are wide array of sizes, shapes and colors available. You can check out our catalogs for more information. The natural stone kitchen tiles, can offer endless amount of kitchen design possibilities.

Easy maintenance

If the natural stones are properly sealed, they are easy to clean out of stains and you can keep your kitchen looking fresh and new. Simple tasks like sweeping, dust-mopping or vacuuming prior to wet-mopping with a pH-balanced neutral cleaner or warm water can do the trick for you.

Not Slippery

Natural stones are hard, sturdy, durable and can provide a good traction. unlike ceramic and other materials they are not slippery. Even if you want to use softer stones like marble; if you do not polish them, they won’t be slippery. It makes them a safe choice for those with kids and pets as they run off to the kitchen more frequently.

disadvantages of natural stone uses in Kitchen


Natural stones have a porous texture. It can help to prevent staining and water damages, so if you use natural stone for paving, this type of kitchen flooring needs to be regularly treated with a sealing agent.


some natural stone types are relatively easy to fix when chipped or damaged but its repairs can cost you and be expensive. One of the uses of granite is for designing kitchen styles which can finishes so much cheap for you.

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tile for kitchens | Cost

Because it’s a natural material, its recourses are limited, so natural stone tiles can be some of the most expensive material options for your kitchen. This must be said that their luxurious appearance and all the valuable points that we mentioned before, makes the expense worth it.

tile for kitchens | The best stones to design kitchens

Natural stones are considered to add value to properties, but to choose the best option you need to know most common and famous types of natural stones. Here we name some that can be used in kitchens as backsplashes, countertops or flooring.


Available in a wide veracity of colors and with mineral specks or subtle veining, granite is a flexible choice that is adaptable to most of the house styles. It is very durable that will work in high traffic areas which makes it a perfect choice for kitchen flooring. It comes in many different finishings


From nearly white to the more common warm honey hues, it has many tones as well as rarer greys and dark browns Limestones that are often a rustic material to use. Limestines have many textures. They can be from even-grained stones through to smoother types with fossils and coarser, open-textured varieties. Some of them can be polished. It also can easily have scratches. Limestines are resistant to mold and bacteria which works really well as a material for flooring wet areas.


it’s a kind of limestone that under some certain conditions its components crystallize to form the veins typical of marble. it can be found in many colors and shades, from various greys through to green and black. there is so much doubt for customers which to buy, marble or granite?

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Travertine has a porous texture and surface, and with all that small holes it has a sponge-like appearance. If it is installed correctly, travertine can be one of the most durable stones for wet places like kitchen.

tile for kitchens | Natural stone finishes

tile for kitchens |Choosing the best type of finishing is very important. Because the finish you choose will affect the overall look your room. Here we name some of the finishing ways you should be familiar with:

  • Honed- a natural look that is smooth and like a matt surface for.
  • Tumbled- created by the tumbling process, it is an aged or distressed finish.
  • Riven- stone is split to expose the natural texture this approach is mostly used on slate.
  • Brushed- it is created by stiff bristles for a rough appearance.
  • Hammered- with a pocked effect the surface has been finished.
  • Pillowed- stones that have soft, rounded edges.
  • Polished- when the stone is smoothed for a glossy finish.
  • Flamed or thermal finish – a textured, non-reflective surface produced by a flame.

Now with all the information we gave you about natural stone uses in kitchen, you can decide easier to how to start creating or redecorating your kitchen.

Our professional consultants are equipped with the knowledge to guide you through the wide selection of products we offer. We know your home is your safe place and an expression of your sense of style, we are here to make sure you’ll have the best aid to make your home in your style. For more information, contact us.

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