Slowly cooling and crystallizing of viscous magma on the depth of the earth before it reaches the surface of the earth forms Granite. This coarse-grained crystalline rock is made up of quartz, feldspar and shiny black or pale mica that ultimately forms a unique resistant rock that is called granite.

Recently, the usage and popularity of granite flooring have soared significantly because of the wide range of merits that it offers. Granite tiles are strong and durable and they offer a practical and stylish floor covering.  They are also widely used on walls, around baths and also as countertop materials.

These precious stones are available in different patterns and colors which surely will add warmth to the area where it is placed and give there the sense of sophistication. This stone are mainly offered in four groups which contains: polished granite that is more suitable for low traffic areas because of the shiny finishes that it has. Honed granite that has more of a matte finish which makes it suitable for high traffic areas.

Flamed granite, that owns a high intensity flames on its surface which is more suitable for outdoor applications and finally brushed granite which offers a more finely and silky structure. All groups are hard stones and it is impossible to break them virtually and they will remain in a great condition for a lifetime. It is worth to mention that they are highly resistant to moisture that can damage your flooring in cases.

One another use of granite is the fireplace. Granite is one of the best choices for getting used in a fireplace if you care about how your house would look like. Granite as a fireplace tile gives very modern look to your house and even so makes it give a luxuries vibe too. As also cleaning sandstone fireplace has some tips to do; Granite fireplaces also needs an special caring for not to get dirty and if does, it has it’s own way to get cleaned.


On of the other uses of Granite pavers is to get used ass pool pavers.  Hardness and durability of granite, which are two of the main trates that granite has, has made this kind of natural stone a great choice to be used as a great cheap pool tile.