Marble as one of the most elegant natural stone that are commonly used in homes are considered as metamorphic rocks that was formed from limestone when it was exposed to high temperatures and pressures. After that calcite, as the most dominant segment of, limestone recrystallizes and forms a denser rocks and a range of colored marbles.

Natural marble tiles come in different colors and designs which offer a gorgeous finishes. Although faux marble flooring also seems to be suitable and are widely-used they cannot compete with the original natural marbles to any extent. They are also highly durable which is a direct consequence of their purity, and it has earned reputation for durability over time. Its natural formation also persuades people to choose them over synoptic options more dominantly, and despite some synthetic tiles that are prone to shattering they offer a hardwearing surface which is highly resistant to those treats and no cracks will form on them over time. Its nature also provides the users the insulating characteristic, in warm seasons it stays cold and during cold seasons it retains warmth, and because of this it is more economically that it saves energy to some extent. Moreover, thanks to their versatile look they can be used in a wide range of situations, from shower floors and vanity tops to outdoor is worth to mention that, unless marbles are used in interior design they must be free from porous as water can discolor them and disintegrate them by freezing.

All the abovementioned items in accordance to its affordable price have made marble tiles among the most popular flooring options. This is true that faux marble tiles also replicate them to some extent but they do not offer any benefits of the natural ones.

Also marble can be used in fireplaces which gives your house and living room a very luxurious feeling and also can gives a positive vibe. but as cleaning sandstone fireplace has some problems and tips to do, marble fireplaces also need information and knowledge about stones for getting cleaned.