Travertine is in the group of limestone that that forms from mineral deposits and natural springs. It is a sedimentary stone that is being created by a rapid precipitation of calcite. Calcite and other minerals are combined together in order to make swirls and movement that give travertine its special character.

Travertine is a widely-used material because it gives different ranges of finishes to customers.

Polished travertine: polishing travertine make it shining and gives the sense of luxury.

Honed travertine: this type offers a smooth but matte finishes which can be filled or unfilled. This texture is formed by grinding and then polishing the side of the unfinished stone. We also see this major in Travertine lookalike Tiles.

Brushed travertine: it is the most similar type of this stone to its natural look which has been brushed. This stone provides unfilled exterior and tough and sophisticated look. A brush or wire wheel is being used to brush the surface of it up to the preferred point.

Tumbled travertine: on this way different size of stone pieces are placed in plastic barrel which is full of an abrasive grit and water and sometimes a small amount of acid. The barrel is turned over repeatedly as long as all stone pieces rub against each other. After that the edges are softened to make a more natural and worn look. In contrast with brushed travertine it owns softened edges but both of them provide high-textured finish.

this stone are available in different range of colors, such as, taupe, brown, beige and even lustrous silver gray. And because of its nature no two projects will be the same.

Although this stone is a reasonably priced item, it gives the customer the sense luxury. And for its naturally nonslip nature it is widely used in bathrooms, showers and floors which is nominated as a best choice for those who are located in warm year-round climate. Travertine’s stiffness is between marble and granite. It is not resistant to scratch and as long as it is not protected the users must be careful about it. Its proper installation is crucial on the way of giving it a timeless beauty and also durability. Travertine is mostly being found in Peru, Mexico, Turkey and China, but its large blocks are available almost all over the world.