Bathroom floor tiles

In today’s world, natural stone tiles are one of the most common and recommended choice of paving for almost any projects. There are no questions that these natural materials are unique, beautiful, elegant and stylish. Based on the type of the natural stone that you choose, they can be available in many different pattern, texture, hue and colors.

So they can blend in any kind of style that you want to apply in your project. Each type of the natural stone has its own physical properties. to make the best decisions, before choosing a material for your project you need to investigate and search about them. Here, we give you some facts that can help you choose the best natural stone flooring bathroom tile.

Bathroom floor tiles


Natural stone slab and tiles have always been one of the most glamorous materials of all times. They can have amazing textures, for example in marble stone you can see many unique veins. These veins can look different in various color and hues, this feature have served interior designers and architects to create masterpieces in different styles. There are many luxurious bathrooms that have been designed with marble stone as their paving material.

Natural stone slabs can be available in different shapes and sizes. This trait can be an advantage when you want to decorate your bathrooms. Because bathrooms can be a very small or even huge places; to pave them, you need a material that can be manufactured or cut in different sizes.

Due to the formation process of natural stones with different minerals available in their formation process, each piece is unique in texture and color. With the vast possible choices that interior designers and architects have, they can be creative to decorate different styles of bathrooms.


Economical value and cost are one of the most important issues that anyone can have in mind. In this case, when it comes to natural stone tile paving there are numerous advantages. For example, instantly after you install them; they will add value, to your property. So if you choose a proper type of natural stone paving, your money won’t be lost. It would just be an investment. And as for cost, natural stone tiles are versatile and have great diversity in quality, color and texture. This feature makes them flexible to your budget.


Bathrooms are one of places that we frequently use, aftercare and maintenance of them is very important. When you want to choose a natural stone tile for your bathroom, you should note that the should be low water absorbent and slip resistant; otherwise your bathroom can be a dangerous place especially to kids and old people. Another advantage of using natural stone tiles for your bathroom floor, is that they are very easy to clean. After installation of natural stone tiles, make sure that your bathroom floor is sealed.

The top three natural stones suitable for bathroom paving are marble stone, limestone and travertine tiles. In below we give you many choices among them with different finishes which can also help them to be less slippery. Here at unikastone we can provide them.