Landscape Garden Pavers


It is obvious and within their names, pavers mean paving stones. They can be in different materials such as brick, concrete or natural stones like limestone, bluestone, granite and etc. They can be available in wide range of hues, styles, textures, shapes and finishing.

Pavers can have different uses for many things and in different places. For example, they are commonly used in areas like patios, hallways, yards, pool surrounds and tec. As for yards, they can be installed for different purposes in backyards or front yards.

Landscape Garden Pavers
Landscape Garden Pavers

Backyard Landscaping

Backyards are personal spaces that need to be designed for different activities as well as being cozy and comfortable which makes the task of choosing a material for them an important one. There are several uses that are more common in backyards and natural stone pavers are one of the best choices of material for them:

Fire Pits

landscape architects can create an outdoor space with some extra glamor with the help of a fire pit and also an outdoor limestone paver. The pavers can be selected from different stone types, shapes, textures, finishes or colors which can give designers wide range of choices to design stunning projects. For example, by using rough-looking pavers with warm colors they can represent a more rustic design.


You can separate your backyard space from your home by a pathway made out of pavers like sandstone pavers. Due to the manufacturing steps of sandstone and the way it has been made, its a great choice to be used as backyard pathways. If the backyard is a huge area, you can also divide it with pavers for whatever activities you have planned. If you place and install the pathway pavers first, then you can match the other hardscapes materials to them.

Pool Deck

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, you can use different kinds of pavers to consider surround them. Installing a stylish natural stone tile with a proper finishing for your pool deck not only makes it look more amazing but also it can help reduce the slipperiness and danger around it as well.

Front Yard Landscaping

Reasons and approaches for landscaping the front yard is different than the backyard landscaping. Whereas you want a personal space the backyard, the front yard is about representing your style and you may want it to have a welcoming look. Natural stone pavers can help you to give an impressive look to your guests, neighbors or even potential homebuyers. They can be designed in different ways:

Edging between gardens

You can use pavers for edging as a border around your garden. They can create an absolute and clean outline for your design whereas the irregularly shaped flagstones will present a quaint and vintage appearance.

Decorative walkways

In this way, you can design your home to have a more natural appearance. You can arrange the natural stone tiles in spaced-out patterns and fill the gaps in between with grass or ground cover plants.


In some properties, the driveway can take up a big chunk of the front yard. You can choose to design them with natural stone pavers that will make them look more appealing.

Here at Unikastone, we have different products that can serve all your purposes. If you need help deciding which one to choose, contact us. We will be happy to help.