Procelain or natural stone? Which best?

Procelain or natural stone? Which best?

Due to the variety and vast options in available materials, choosing the right paving material for any project can be hard and confusing. In order to make the right decision you can gain information about each material, and then choose the more suitable one for your project. In this article we try to answer the most common question about the difference between Porcelain or Natural Stone and which one is better? Also, to get the best result as soon as possible you can contact us and consult with our professional consultors.

Porcelain or Natural Stone?

Procelain or natural stone | We all know that natural stone paving has been used over the centuries, and as for contemporary uses it has been used mostly in domestic and commercial projects. Famous stones like Granite, Slate and Sandstone are the top choices, but by presence and growing popularity of Porcelain Paving in recent years a competition between them has begun. Porcelain Paving has a much wider range and has rapidly claimed a top choice when it comes to garden paving. To make it clear which one is better, we compare them in factors said below:

  • •          Strength and Durability
  • •          Appearances (Colors & Finishes)
  • •          Maintenance

Strength and Durability Natural Stone

Natural stone forming process takes a lot of time, something around thousands of years. But as a result, they are very durable and they have a hard-wearing.

The natural stone slabs are suited to climates and can stand the test of time, even in harsh weathers. They can retain their grip underfoot and offer a robust as a long-lasting paving material option. generally, the strongest types of natural stone is considered to be Granite. But you should note that if your space is facing high amounts of traffic or needs to withstand the high weight of vehicles for places such as a driveway, you will need to use a thicker slab out of natural stones.

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Procelain or natural stone | Porcelain Paving is made out of clay, sand and some minerals which are baked at a high temperature. The result paving slabs are extremely tough, non-porous and hard-wearing. Due to this process, porcelain slabs take high weights and can stand excessive traffic and use in public spaces. Porcelain paving tiles can also withstand the extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

Appearances Natural Stone

Natural stone is an organic material and product which is quarried from earth so it can be found in vast ranges of natural tones and colors. Since that the forming process of stones takes a lot of time and happens in different environments; each slab has its own unique qualities and for its appearances there can be unique and intense swirls and veins. For example, marble stones have many beautiful veins in their texture which gives them a luxurious look to. Other natural stones can also display beautiful variation of styles as for interior or exterior designs. As for finishing, with the help of a skilled craftsman, you can easily customize natural stones to various architectural elements with different textures. This feature allows designers to create unique elements with stunning looks for their clients.


Porcelain paving has a consistent, printed surface that can emulates the look and appearance of natural stone. So basically they can try to represent the looks of any natural rock also larger pallet of color and hues. As we said, porcelain is man-made so its color and hues can adjust easily. This feature is ideal for designers who want a specific hue and also can have more creativity in their designs. Due to this advantage, porcelain has become a popular material in redecorating and home design.

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Longevity & Maintenance Natural Stone

to prevent any staining, it is recommended to seal a natural stone also It will help preventing the growth of any moss or algae.  Procelain or natural stone ,This recommendation is a necessity if your stone is in light colors, obviously any stain will be more visible. When it comes to sealing products there is a wide range of options on the market that each can provide different results.

For instance, some sealant products will only seal and protect, whereas others can be used as a design tool duo to their colors and make your slabs look more beautiful. Sealing natural stone patio can help to protect against other general wear such as fading and discoloration over time by places where the stone is likely to see excessive use.


As mentioned before, porcelain paving tiles are non-porous. so any excess moisture won’t be able to seep into or build up within the slabs, and for that the paving will not be prone to the excessive growth of moss or algae. As for stains, the low-maintenance paving slabs can be easy to maintain. You can simply wipe them and remove any dirt or spills.


In the end, there are no right or wrong answers to the question that “whether Porcelain or Natural Stone is the better”. Because another important factor when you want to make a decision for your design or renovation, is your budget and money. So it all comes to you and your final decision, sometimes it is more reasonable to spend a little more money but get the better result. Note that this doesn’t mean which one is more expensive, they can both be flexible in cost.

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Procelain or natural stone | Overall, Porcelain paving tiles have very high strength and because of printing the tiles can look exactly the same whereas natural stone slabs each have their own and unique looks. in other words, the porcelain attempts to imitate natural stone and it can never achieve the level of beauty that natural stone has inherited naturally. The advantages of natural stone are numerous. For instance, natural stones can offer a range of unique and eye-catching finishes. By good maintenance and treating you can keep the natural stones look perfect. When you want to choose your stone, don’t forget to take the time and consider the use that your space will need, also try to choose the stone that can present you and your style. For more information and better results, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help.

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