What are the ways to clean Sandstone Fireplace?

how to clean sandstone fireplace?

What are the ways to clean Sandstone Fireplace?

Fireplaces can be an amazing addition to your home and interior design. They can be presentable in many styles such as rustic, contemporary or classic settings. The material that you choose with its color, style and design will also add more character to your place. One of the most likable and recommended materials is natural stone. Among natural stones there are various types such as marble, granite, sandstone, limestone and many others. Here our main focus is on sandstone fireplaces.

Sandstone fireplaces and reasons to use

Just know that one of the main reason that we chose sandstone fireplaces to discuss is that they are simple and easy to work with and in while they can deliver all the expectations that our customers have. For instance, they can be available in many amazing shapes, sizes, styles, designs and finishes. Sandstone tiles are not heavy tiles which makes it easy to install them. This natural stone can effortlessly blend in the area that you want to use it in and be amazing alongside any styles of furniture that you have in your place.

If you take good care of your sandstone fireplace, it can reflect its natural beauty for many years to com. So here in this article, we will discuss about Maintaining sandstone fireplaces, and for how in the end you can have a clean sandstone fireplace.

Maintaining sandstone fireplaces

As they are natural and originally formed under pressure and various environmental conditions over time in the nature, so with proper installation and care they can last long and work for you in a very long time which gives them another advantage that can make them a suitable choice of material. There are various ways for cleaning your fireplace, it just depends on your stone type that the fireplace is made out of. In here we will give you some important tips for having clean sandstone fireplaces and the we will walk you through steps in which you can easily maintain your sandstone fireplace and always have an exquisite clean sandstone fireplace as a result:

How to keep our Sandstone Fireplace clean?

The sandstone slab and tiles highly porous, thus they can easily get scratch marks. Due to the texture that sandstone has, it is recommended to use none chemical cleaner and detergents to avoid any more damages. The chemical cleaners can remove stains but in doing so they can also cause discoloration on your tiles. It is best to just use a simple mixture of soap and water; if you use warm water, you may get better results.

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First tip

If you want to always have a clean sandstone fire place, the most cleaning that you need to do is removing the ash, dust and dirt that has settled all over your fireplace which is caused by the burring fire. In this case it is advised to use a soft brush like brushes made out of horsehair. Also if you do not have access to a proper brush, a microfiber cloth can also do the job; just remember that you should be very gentle with it otherwise it will leave scratch marks all over the surface.

How to prevent our Sandstone Fireplace from getting dirty?

Another preventable act that you can do to help maintaining and having a clean sandstone fireplace, is to use proper sealing and reapply it in the future. Just remember that the type of sealant that you use, depends on the type of stone that your fireplace is made out of. If you seal your sandstone fireplace properly, you shouldn’t need to do so much work or any deep cleaning.

how to clean sandstone fireplace?

How to have our Sandstone Fireplace clean after getting dirty?

Here are steps that can help you maintain and have clean sandstone fireplaces:

Use a proper sealant

Sandstone has a soft and quite porous texture which is exposed to more dust and needs more cleaning. After installation, it is recommended to again reseal your fireplace with the proper sealant in every 1 or 2 years and fix the parts that have been damaged. the sealant will likely wear away over time or even in some rear cases, get damaged by putting sharp objects or weight on it. Once that you have sealed your sandstone tiles, there is no way that any fluid can penetrate the stone easily. This process can help preventing stains on your fireplace.

Regular cleaning

If you make it your plan to clean your fireplace daily and as a normal job which is among the household chores, you can maintain the attractive appearance of your fireplace like the first that that it was installed.in doing so, you can use a dry mop to clean the usual dust and dirt. In this way you will always have a spotless and clean sandstone fireplace.

Deep cleaning

For more care and maintenance, it is recommended to do a more thorough cleaning every week or so. For the weekly cleanings you can use a soft brush and with it brush the sandstone tiles occasionally to make it look good. Having a clean sandstone fireplace can help to improve its performance and safety.

It is not a bad idea to use a natural stone cleanser with warm water in your weekly cleanings to clear the dirt and grimes on your fireplace. When you want to wash out the soap or cleanser, use a low pressure water and be careful not to leave any traces of them behind. In some cases, by being careless in the washout, there will be places that can encourage mildew to develop

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In choosing a soap, select the one that doesn’t contain acid or it is not an alkaline or ammonia-based product; these products may cause problems and compromise the integrity of your sandstone fireplace tiles.


If your sandstone fireplace needs more cleaning, you should use a stiff brush to clear away the dirt as much as it is possible and you can. For the safety of your eyes and preventing any allergies, you should wear a face mask and gloves then start cleaning your fireplace.

After that you have applied the stiff brush and removed the dust without damaging the tiles surface, like before you can use a mixture of soap and water to clean the tiles. By using a simple paintbrush, put the mixture all over the fireplace and let it rest for about 30 minutes then when the soot is clear, rinse your fireplace with warm water. Now you must have a clean sandstone fireplace.


For cleaning the fireplace out of any stains you need to do a more invasive approach. You should prepare a mixture with a gallon of water and ¼ cup of tri-sodium phosphate (also known as TSP). For doing this method, first and far most, do not forget to use safety gears like face mask for preventing inhalation of toxic fumes caused by TSP or ammonia; also use gloves to keep you hand from direct touch to TSP or ammonia. Due to the nature of TSP and ammonia, some people prefer to have a flow of fresh air through the house and they do this process with open windows around the house. After that you have clear the fireplace out of dust, apply this solution with a soft bristled brush on the tiles. When you are done scrubbing, let the solution rest on the tiles for 15 minutes. When the time comes, washout the fireplace with water and dry it with a soft towel of cloth, now as a result you have a stunning, spotless and clean sandstone fireplace which is glamorous to look at.

Scratch marks on the surface

The sealer that you used in the installation process, at some point it may wear away in exposed areas. This can be the result of putting a hard impact on your sandstone tiles or even by using abrasive products when you wanted to clean the sandstone fireplace. As a result, you can see scratch marks on you’re the surface of your sandstone fireplace tiles. To fix them, you can use a polishing stone and easily get rid of the light scratches on the surface. It is possible that by using a polishing stone, some stains will be cleared to but it is not the recommended and best approach for cleaning stains.

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Notes you need to know about sealants

The first approach recommended for maintenance of sandstone tiles was using a proper sealant; here we will give you more facts and tips to guide you:

The suitable sealant

As we mentioned earlier, fireplaces can be made out of various natural stones. Knowing the type of natural stone that has been used to make your fire place is very important, it will determine type of the right sealant for your fireplace. Natural stones like granite, marble and sandstone are very common in fireplaces design and making but they all have different densities that needs various properties in their sealants. The sealants are mostly based in water or silicone which makes it vital for you to choose the right one that is designed for your natural stone type. The silicone based sealants can seal better than water based sealants. For a highly porous natural stones, such as sandstone, the silicone sealants are far better and somehow necessary to fill the texture and all the porous holes in it.

Applying the sealant

After that your sandstone is fully installed and dried; you can apply the sealant. In doing so, you can use a soft foam brush to make it easier for areas like fireplaces. To avoid missing any spot, you should overlap each stroke that you take. When the sealant has covered the fireplace completely, let it rest for 10-20 minutes before wiping the excess on the surface with a soft cloth. You should do the same process in 1-2 years to always have a clean sandstone fireplace.

A simple reminder, all we said above in which it can result in having a clean sandstone fireplace; was for your general information, if any harm happens to your product by doing so, Unikastone is not at fault. We advise you to ask for the proper instructions and maintenance tips of exact products from the products suppliers directly. If you want to buy our quality sandstone products, you can contact us. Here at Unikastone we will try our best to help you find what you are looking for.


how many steps do we have to do to have our fireplace clean?

1. Use a proper sealant
2. Regular cleaning
3. Deep cleaning
4. Soot
5. Stains
6. Scratch marks on the surface

What to use as a fsandstone fireplace cleaner?

Using a vacuum cleaner can help you a lot. It will be a quicker and easy solution for cleaning the dust and ashes left in any spot.  


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