What is Sandstone used for?

sandstone uses

What is Sandstone used for?

When it comes to choosing a natural material for your projects whether you are renovating a property, or you just starting a constructional and design project; the natural stones must be on the list that you can choose from. Natural stones can be used both indoor and outdoor which makes them highly recommended. The list of natural stones that you can choice from can be a long one. These are some of the names that you can see on that list: marble stone, granite, sandstone, travertine, basalt and etc. In this article, our main focus is on sandstone. We will discuss its applications and the features that has made it so popular.

Sandstone, popular stone around the world

Sandstone is a versatile natural stone from sedimentary rock categories and can be available all over the world. If you look closely around, you can see the tiles and slabs of sandstone used everywhere. This natural stone can be installed with different sealants in both indoor and outdoor purposes. The formation process of natural sandstone can be a long one but the result is worth it. Based on the location and other environmental factors, sandstone is available in various beautiful colors.

Sandstone Features

Sandstone can be a durable natural stone but if you are looking for a rough natural stone with high durability, you must look elsewhere, like among stones such as slate. In below we have named and clarified some of important features of this natural stone that has caused sandstone uses in various areas:

Durability of sandstone

Sandstone is a durable natural stone which has resulted in sandstone uses in outdoor projects and open areas. It may not be as durable as slate stone which can also be a positive feature as you can see sandstone slab and tiles available in different shapes and sizes; this can mean that sandstone just has a right amount of durability!

Sandstone is among very durable materials which can means that it can withstand almost any weather conditions without getting damaged or having noticeable effects. The sandstone slab and tiles have a rough texture which means it can outlast most of the other artificial materials like ceramic or porcelain.


Comparatively to artificial materials, the slabs and tiles of sandstone used in your projects can require very simple maintenance process that can be done by everyone and doesn’t need getting help from professional cleaners. The only serious act that you must take on your sandstone used in various areas of your house is to regularly clean it; then you don’t need to worry about anything else. Also if for some reason your sandstone tiles need repairs and fixations, the process is simple and inexpensive to.

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Just remember that the product that you use to clean them must be acid free otherwise you may cause damages to your tiles. This was one of the tips that you should notice while cleaning sandstone

Eco-friendly Material

Nowadays environmental issues are one of the hot topics all over the world. One of the tasks for environmental conservations is using eco-friendly materials. Sandstone slab and tiles are eco-friendly; they will not do any harm or damages to the environment also they can be reused. Over time, the sandstone slab and tiles can be recycled naturally.

Sandstone Uses

With all that being said and other amusing properties that sandstone has, makes sandstone uses easy for both interior and exterior design purposes. Here are some of the most common areas for sandstone uses and applications:


Architects have various uses for natural stones in their projects and sandstone is one of the common stones that they choose. Sandstone uses can be seen in both interior and exterior parts of architectural designs. By using sandstone, architects add more feeling of warmth to their projects. As for architectural applications, there are many sandstone uses:


Sandstone Paving

Sandstone has a porous texture which makes it slip resistant. Being durable and porous at the same time is an advantage for sandstone uses. This feature helps architects to think of sandstone tiles when they want to design, recommend or order paving materials.


Wall cladding

Another common sandstone use in architecture is to use its slab and tiles for exterior applications such as wall cladding and designing the façade of buildings. The only note that you should take and know about is to use a proper sealant. As we mentioned earlier, sandstone has a porous texture which means that it can absorb water and if you allow that, over time the sandstone gets harmed and damaged. By sealing the sandstone tiles you avoid any complications. For knowing that which sealant is the suitable on get help from professionals or the company that supplies your sandstone slab and tiles.

Interior Design

Interior design

Architectural projects have various interior and exterior sandstone uses. Above we mention the exterior part, here we will introduce you to interior sandstone uses:

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Many people like to have fireplaces in their TV-room or living rooms. Having a fireplace made out of natural stone can add character and elegance to your place. Depending on your design style, you can use various natural stones. For instance, if you want a rustic designed fireplace sandstone can be the best choice for you. Also due to sandstones properties, if you look for fireplace designs, you can see that many of them have sandstone used in them.


Countertops can be seen in different areas such as kitchens or bathrooms. Again based on your taste and style you can use different natural stones for them. Sandstone countertops are beautiful but they need serious installations, sealants with proper maintenance. The counter tops can easily get dirty or have stains on them. If you have sandstone countertops, you should immediately take care of them, if not the stains will remain and as a result your countertop won’t be beautiful and elegant as once it was.


All the applications that we named above have used a great amount of sandstone slab and tiles. If you like sandstone and do not have any use for its slab and tile, you can choose to have sandstone uses in decoration. For example, you can buy decorative objects such as sculptures. Also like some people that like to have natural stone blocks as decorative objects in their home, you can ask for sandstone blocks!


Landscape Architecture

As we mentioned so many times before and in this article, sandstone is can be a perfect material for your outdoor applications. Therefore, landscape architects have many sandstone uses in their projects. In below we will discuss more about them:


Paving in Landscape Architecture

Landscape architects need to plan various pathway in the gardens and one of the common materials that they use for their paving is sandstone tiles. The variety in color with all the sandstone features will result in the amazing looking pathways. Also due to sandstones resiliency in weather condition, they don’t need to worry about seasonal changes that may cause problems for some other natural stones.


Pool surrounds

Another common sandstone use is for paving areas near waters. With proper installation and isolation, they can be the perfect material for your pool surrounds. Also as you may know, they have a special texture that can be slip- resistant. By using sand stone tiles around your pools, you will make them safer to walk on. Another reason that many people choose sandstone around their pools in that most of the color pallets of sandstone will not get hot under the sunlight which makes it comfortable to walk on in hot summer days that pools have their most uses.

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Many people like to have fountains in their back yards. Just as we mentioned, there are much sandstone uses for outdoor areas. So landscape architects can design fountains in various styles with sandstone tiles for their clients.



The last use that we can name for sandstone in the outdoor areas, is sandstone uses as furniture’s. For example, you must have seen stone benches in the various places like public parks or even in the back yard of your friend’s house. some of these stone benches are made out of sandstone. So due to your style and taste, you can order them in different shapes, colors and styles.


Another area for sandstone uses is in constructional projects. If you look around, you will find at least one or two historical buildings near sandstone quarries in every country that are made out of them. In some rare projects and based on weather conditions or the calculated structural load by engineers, the sandstone blocks can be used to build the foundations or some other load bearing parts of the project.

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How do sandstone is good to use in landscape architecture?

As we mentioned so many times before and in this article, sandstone is can be a perfect material for your outdoor applications. Therefore, landscape architects have many sandstone uses in their projects


Is sandstone goof to be used as fountains?

Many people like to have fountains in their back yards. Just as we mentioned, there are much sandstone uses for outdoor areas. So landscape architects can design fountains in various styles with sandstone tiles for their clients.

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