The best stone floors to walk on

The best stone floors to walk on

Natural stone is a great material for paving and floorings. it is a practical choice that can be a thing of a beauty as well. Here with our guide, we help you to make the best choice and choose the right products for your needs. Also we can help you through budget as well as giving on advice about installation and cares.

Natural stone has timeless good look and appearances, it has durability. Some of it kinds are easier to clean and maintain also they work perfectly with underfloor heating. With variety and wide choice of materials and styles, the only real problem with natural stone paving is how to choose a type and which type is the best choice for our uses. to choose and get the best result, consultation is vital. Our guide will give you some enlightenments about the types of stones that work best as flooring, their costs and any pros and cons you should know about them.

The best stone floors to walk on | Choosing Stone Flooring

There are many different types of stone flooring. The best choice for anyone should be based on a number of factors, including their budget, the expected amount of foot traffic and use of the floor that will be exposed to, what will the place be used for, the interior style you like to have and the amount of maintenance you can give after installation.

Based on your needs, there are many natural stone flooring types that are suitable for use both inside and outside. They can be perfect in situations where you want to create a seamless flow from inside to out.

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From some famous types of natural stones for flooring, we can name limestone, sandstone, travertine, granite and even marble. The most important fact you should ensure is that the tiles you buy are flagged as being suitable for outdoor use and are in a thickness suitable for their application. 

The best stone floors to walk on | Limestone Flooring

Limestone is a type of sedimentary rock composed out of calcium carbonate and organic matters. When it comes to limestone flooring, you should note that there are many different kinds of limestones all around the world so they have characteristic colors and markings. More importantly you should realize that limestones have different densities and with a higher density comes better durability and stain resistance. Limestone flooring must be planned carefully based on the projects location and usages. As mentioned before, in the high-traffic areas we need to install more densest types.

As for colors, limestone flooring comes in any tones from near white to honey, grey and even darker brown hues. Its texture, has a range from even-grained surface finishes to smooth, as well as coarser, open-textured varieties. Interesting enough, when limestone is polished, it looks very much similar to marble stone.

The best stone floors to walk on |The price of limestone tiles really can be different. Here at unikastone, you can get them in a price of between $40 – $230/m2. 

Travertine Stone Flooring

Travertine is one of the famous variety of limestone. Generally, where geothermally heated alkaline waters highly charged with dissolved gases or minerals emerge at the surface, it forms travertine stones. Because of the formation process, when travertine is made into tiles it has a honeycomb like texture. these pits and voids are exposed so they can give a more rustic style than what we know as limestone itself. Travertine comes in many. The pure travertine is in white, but most of the time because of the presence of other minerals it can be seen in other colors like cream, tan, greenish, brownish and etc. The price of limestone tiles can be different but it is one of the most affordable options for stone flooring. Here at unikastone, you can get them in a price of between $15 – $190/m2.

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Granite Stone Flooring

Even that the most common use of granite is as a material for worktops and façades, it can also be a beautiful choice for stone flooring to.stone floors to walk on | Compared to other stones granite has a great variety of colors that will please anybody’s eyes in their flat appearances with visible black grains in its texture. Granite has a great prestige among rocks so it can be used in projects to present elegance. Granite comes in a variety of color and hues, also it is often flecked with mineral specks or veining.  It can be seen in different types if finishes. The most effective one is a polished finish which can highlight colors and patterns.

Granite is suitable for wet areas as long as you are aware of its slipperiness so in places such as bathrooms, highly polished are not recommended, you should buy those with a non-slip surface. The price of granite stone flooring can be different. Here at unikastone, you can get them in a price of between $60 — $220/m2.

Marble Stone Flooring

stone floors to walk on |There is no question that marble stone is unique and beautiful. It can be a magnificent and striking material used for flooring. There is note to using marble as paving; it needs a little more care and maintenance in comparison to some other natural stone flooring kinds. 

Marble stone is very porous stone. So on its surface, water should not stand un-mopped for a long time because it ends in discoloration. Also, if marble comes into contact with some certain acidic substances, it can stain to resolve it, using a sealant and reapplying it as necessary can avoid this. Because of marbles properties, it is unwise to try to install marble tiles yourself without a professional help, any mistakes in the process of installation can cost so much of your time and money.

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stone floors to walk on |With all the information said in mind, marble stays a popular flooring choice by its beautiful appearances when installed professionally and maintained properly on daily bases.  Based on the presence of various minerals like sand, silt and clay, it can be available in many colors but The purest calcite marble is in white. Here at unikastone, the price of marble tiles is between $40 — $150.

At Unikastone group, we try to help you find the best natural stone for you flooring tases. If you need professional help or have any questions, contact us. We will be more than happy to help.

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