Trending Stone Selections for Exterior Fireplaces | natural stone fireplace

Trending Stone Selections for Exterior Fireplaces | natural stone fireplace

Exterior Fireplaces veneer

The exterior fireplace design and its landscaping has developed so much through the years. Nowadays, they are not just some random stack of bricks and mortar. They are a way to express aesthetic preferences and feelings of clients on the exterior of their houses as well as its indoor; Which gives the designers an abundance of options to plan their fireplaces.

Exterior Fireplaces veneer

An outdoor fireplace allows you to do your outdoor chores and activities in the cold seasons without the slightest problem. With a glimpse of creativity added to the client’s needs, the designed fireplace will be a masterpiece. Here we introduce and name a selection of trending stones for exterior fireplace veneers.


natural stone fireplace

Stoneware outdoor fireplaces are structurally in two different models. The first model stone fireplace is made of stones with different or identical parts added with some mortar. In this model, the necessary mortar is made and the stones are stacked like a porcelain wall and fixed with mortar. The second model of stone outdoor fireplace is made in such a way that a large stone is cut to reach the desired shape and then used.

Traditional Building Stone can be the most common and usual stone choice for outdoor fireplace veneers, but with some creative implementation added, it can be elegant and unique. From a long time ago, natural stones have been an excellent way to cover and make exterior fireplaces. In most countries these stunning stones are prevalent and can be found in many locations. For instance, marble, granite, ledgestone, castlestone and travertine are some of the good choices that the designer can have; they also have different variety range of color and hues.

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natural stone fireplace| Marble Stone

This stone has a natural vein and visual depth in its texture that makes it a stunning choice for outdoor fireplace veneers. Marble is available in a various color and textures, which gives creativity and flexibility in design. Marble stone veneers are permanent and resistant to fire, which makes them best choice for fire features.


natural stone fireplace | If you’re looking for an effortless and unique design, ledgestone is the ideal stone to choose. This stone has a range of hues from a light, clear water blue to a variety of sandy browns colors. Ledgestone is mostly found in small pieces instead of large blocks. Even with all the ledgestone hues and colors, most of its hues work well together. So if your fireplace design is minimalistic, a ledgestone veneer can be a great source of visual purposes. However, because it comes in smaller pieces a disadvantage of ledgestone can be the need for regular cleaning. The gap within slabs can accumulate residue.


Often, exterior designs using castlestone is a reminder of o ancient European fortresses. As such, castlestone gives depth, aesthetic elegance and a sense of beauty to the fireplace. Castlestone has many colors, which ranges from subtle hints of lilac to bolder gold overtones and sometimes shades of red. Unlike other natural rocks, it has a light weight which simplifies the installation process. Castlestone is also very durable that makes it low maintenance fire feature and perfect for a fireplace veneers.

natural stone fireplace |Travertine Stone

natural stone fireplace | If you choose travertine as a fireplace veneer it lends your home a majestic air like Roman Colosseum. The outer walls of this ancient monument are built out of travertine. Travertine is a native Italian limestone and it certainly is a resistant rock. Travertine is mostly porous in nature when used raw, it has an interesting visual appeal. It is resistant to heat and a great fireplace veneer because it can be used in vintage theme and designs as well as modern or even contemporary ones.

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Granite Stone

Granite is considered the most durable stone veneer available all over the world, and is just as beautiful as it is hardy. natural stone fireplace |It has a wide variety of colors like pink, light gray and black. Granite works in any design style and its deeper hues is used in interior design to tie a space together, rather than serve as the focal point unlike uses of marble stone. Its maintenance and cleaning is very easy.


It is one of the classic choices and it will never get out of style options in exterior fireplaces design. This stone can be found in old farms or plantations; after that again reclaimed and fabricated into modern ledge or square-cut stones. Fieldstone can provide a rustic, antique and earthy appearance which can put a modern twist on a very traditional stone fireplace.

natural stone fireplace | Porcelain Panels

they are rapidly becoming the epitome of high-end exterior spaces. This panels can bring the indoors outside and provide a sleek, minimalistic appearance which can make the fireplace the focal point of the backyard. Porcelain panels are not popular just because of their alluring appearance, but they are also resistant to some locations weather. They are simple to install and in forms of tiles can have other uses.


They are the most economical, simple to apply choice. They have a great variety of color and pattern options. ThinStone can provide every one of your needs and expectations. without the high intensive labor and extensive timeline, this natural stone gives you the traditional look you want. It has a light weight and can be cut so thin. ThinStone can be applied on many surfaces or used for veneer or clad purposes.

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Pre-Fabricated Concrete Kits

Pre-fabricated fireplace kits are the greatest choice for anyone who wants to update the looks in a short amount of time. With famous manufacturers, you can purchase these concrete wall systems. They have a vast range of color. They can be quickly built and with this feature you can save some money and time, and even get the high-end appearance.

Types of Outdoor Fireplaces

natural stone fireplace |There are only two different types of placement methods for exterior fireplaces. You can only choose between two approaches; one is a permanent structure like a masonry fireplace or else you can go with a more fitting portable and pre-fabricated fireplace for your outdoor space.


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