Uses of granite in your home

Uses of granite in your home

What is Granite?

People have been using granite from thousands ago until now, and for that, it is the famous igneous rock. Granite can be defined from a different point of view. In the geological definition, it is a coarse-grained, quartz- and feldspar-bearing igneous rock that is completely made out of crystals. On the market and by the stone traders, any feldspar-bearing rock with interlocking crystals visible to the unaided eye is called granite. This stone is rigid and hard, its compressive strength is very high, and by having limited void fractions, it has low water absorption. Compared to other stones, granite has a great variety of colors that will please anybody’s eyes in their flat appearances with visible black grains in its texture. Granite has great prestige among rocks; it can be used in projects to present elegance. As mentioned before, because of people’s history with this rock, it has been used in many forms like dimension stone, a construction material, as decorative rock, and architectural stone. This natural stone has been used in exterior design as paving and bridges, and as for the interior design, it serves many purposes like granite walls, backsplashes, paving, countertops, etc.; most of the interesting uses of granite are mentioned below.

Building Architecture and Sculptures

In massive construction projects, granite can be used in two different ways firstly, as a structural element, and secondly, as a decorative facing or cover. As for urban design and details, it can be used as a street curbing that is more durable than concrete ones also with a more decorative appearance which is is one of the most important differences of concrete stones. One of the greatest advantages of granite is that it also can be used without quarrying. For an instant, the granite monument of Mount Rushmore, this monument is carved directly into the mountain. 

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Home Design and Granite

Granite can be used for covering or decorative facing to present an attractive and pleasing appearance. It also can act as a structural element in projects, and for that, it can be used in many forms and places. Some of the most common uses in home design are kitchen countertops, paving, stairs, walls, backsplashes, and sometimes in the external façade of the buildings.

Granite Paving

Granite paving stones or more commonly known as Pavers, are colorful and a great choice of material to pave driveways, walkways, or patios. Looking back in the history of urban design and landscaping, one of the most routine ways of paving streets were granite blocks. Unfortunately, now a day’s it has been replaced with asphalt or concrete just because of the lower cost. When the beauty of this natural stone is combined with skilled craftsmanship, the result is presented with a stunning look and elegance.

Granite tiles

Granite tiles are mostly used for flooring and wall panels to present an elegant, high-luster space. The most common type of granite stone used for these tiles is called “black granite” by the company selling them or on the market. However, for a geologist, the real name of the rock might be “gabbro” or “diabase,” which usually depends on the grain size.


One of the most common uses of granite in interior design is in kitchen countertops because there are numerous possibilities and choices in pattern, design and, colors. Another advantage of granite in interior design is that it can be custom-cut to desired shapes and sizes.

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Granite is one of the first choices for home decor projects having the idea with a rough piece of rock. In addition to solid slabs, countertops, granite tiles can be used to create a colorful and durable workplace and warm room.

Granite in Bathrooms

As said before, granite stones are impervious to water. So, they are a great choice to use in the internal decoration of bathrooms and wet places.

Crushed Granite

Crushed stone and granite powder isarearesaree some of the most basic and primary uses of granite. It can be used as a subbase or base material in road and highway construction. Crushed granite is used as crushed stone media in sewage system drain fields and as a crucial material for foundations and construction slabs. Crushed granite is available in a vast range of colors; it can be used by architects in landscaping projects and by farmers in their fields. It also can make great railroad ballasts; in large sizes, it makes good riprap.

Use Granite As Fireplace Mantle


One of the uses of granite is to use it as a cover for a fireplace because just as granite occurs in bathrooms and toilets as well as kitchens, it can also affect living rooms by giving beautifulness and a luxurious vibe.

Granite as a Gemstone

One of the most interesting and amazing types of granite rocks that has ever been found is called “K2,” after the second-tallest peak in the world. At the base and bottom of this mountain, limited exposure of granite with a bright blue azurite orbisOrbis was found. Most people can’t believe that azurite can mountain longer be within the granite. Because of its beauty, this material is being cut into gems and has made its way into gem markets across the world.

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Experts believe and have shown in their studies that one of the distinguishing features of their igneous stones is their durability and strength. Granite stone can show good resistance against impacts and will not break easily, and also, it can be very resistant to erosion which makes it a good material for paving.

Granite is a tough rock, so it can easily withstand difficult weather conditions. Also, with its elegant appearance, it is one of the best materials for building façade and floor coverings.

The Disadvantages of Granite

However, the granite stone has many advantages; it also has some disadvantages and problems. One of the disadvantages of granite stones is their high price and high cost of installation, which is high compared to some other products.

Due to the texture of the back of the stone and its time-consuming mortaring, the speed of installation and implementing granite is low and can take a try.

One of the unique advantages of granite stone is the radiation of radioactive waves. Since granite radiations can be carcinogenic, these waves can increase in environments that have x-ray or gamma radiations or even on magnetic fields. Thus, in the early twenty-first century, the use of granite in laboratory environments and places like hospitals was banned.

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