Where to Use Natural Stone?

Where to Use Natural Stone?

Where to Use Natural Stone?

Natural Stone Accessories

Natural stone is one of the most favorite material of all times, it has a timeless trend to it which makes it a modern look no matter the timeline you are living in. It is not only a functional material but also it can provide huge impacts on aesthetic appeals. it a perfect material that can be used in many construction, renovation and decoration project for various purposes. It has different ranges of durability, sustainability while being a versatile element. If you look through history, you can see that humans have been using this material since the dune of time. they started extracting these raw materials and built many amazing structures such as Stonehenge, The Pyramids of Giza, Roman Amphitheatres and etc.

Natural stone has always known to be a luxurious with elegance material. It can be used for numerous applications, in this introductions we will discuss other ways that you can use natural stone other than constructional applications. The term of “natural stone” is defining a specific range of products which have earthly material origins and can be used for many purposes. Here are some of the most famous one of them:

  • Marble
  • Limestone
  • Travertine
  • Slate 
  • Granite
  • Quartzite
  • Sandstone

Natural Stone Furniture

With the help of today’s technology there are so many creative ways that can result in innovation of furniture pieces in different styles in everyone’s taste. There are some natural stone based furniture’s that you may have forgot about them; sinks, bathtubs, natural, tables, benches, chairs and many other furniture pieces have been made out of stone for centuries now. Marble, slate, and onyx are the natural stone to be more likely used in order to make furniture, no matter which one you choose they all will add value and a classy look to your place.

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 Surfaces and Storage

Granite, limestone, and marble are some of the natural stones that can be used to create shelves, countertops, backsplashes or open storages. These materials can create beautiful shelfs which turns them in to a focal point for your room. Natural stones have non-porous textures which makes them easy to maintain and clean.

Other Accessories

There are endless number of ideas for creating and having natural stone accessories such as lamps, candle holders, vases, sculptures, planters, panels, plates, frames and etc. these accessories are mostly used to build harmony in the place. The can balance the usage of natural stone in a room; for instance, you can place natural stone based vase on the opposite side of the wall that a backsplash is applied on it. Also you can display a piece of natural stone in its raw shape just as a decorative element

natura; stones in interior design

When Using a Natural Stone in Your Interior Design, Note These Facts

  • Try to find and use local stone products rather than the imported stones, or at least deal with a local company that can provide you the help you need.
  • Try to think big and out of the box, if you wanted to choose a natural stone as a constructional material due to their functions your hands were tied; whereas for accessories you can have as many creative ideas as you want with almost no limit to them.
  • Try to use contrast in shaped, size, textures and colors to create a new and unique atmosphere.
  • Combine the natural stone with other materials such as glass of wood.
  • Do not forget to have a light setting or devices to create the perfect warm and cozy mood.
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Terrace Floor Tiles

The hardness and toughness of such natural stones like sandstone, slate, limestone, quartzite, and marble combined with many creative ideas can offer endless possibilities for projects. Natural stone floor tiles can add charm and character to your terrace renovation, design or constructional project. They are adaptable materials which makes them to be available in wide ranges of texture, colors, finishes, shapes and sizes. Here are some of the most common natural stones that are suitable for terrace floors:

Granite Floor Tiles

In common natural stone types suitable for outdoor applications, granite slab and tiles are the strongest among all of them. They are available in vast ranges of colors with veining and patterns on their texture. This natural stone is resistant to water or other liquids which again makes it a perfect choice of material for exterior applications. Granite floor tiles can offer high durability in the meantime withstanding the test of time or weather conditions.

Slate Floor Tiles

Slate is a natural stone with a fine-grained texture and great technical features which makes it suitable for areas such as driveways and porches. Slate floor tiles are non-porous and resistant to water, fire, stains and slips which again puts them in the running for being the safest choice of natural stone, suitable for exterior designs. These tiles are easily installed and need simple and basic maintenance with just a mop and soap.

Limestone Floor tiles

Limestone has an appearance similar to wood which makes it the first choice for anyone who loves wooden materials. Unlike wood, limestone can have resilient flooring options for being used as an outdoor material. You should know that due to limestone tiles porous nature, they are vulnerable to very cold and freezing temperatures in these weathers you should use a proper sealer.

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Sandstone Floor Tiles

Sandstone floor tiles are an ideal choice of material for places such as terraces, gardens, driveways, garages and etc. This stone is perfectly resilient to outdoor environmental effects such as being resistant to acids, heat of the sun and other weather conditions. The perfect finish for sandstone floor tiles is honed finish which can add more slip resistance to its surface and make these tiles safe to walk on even when they get wet.

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