Why you should use natural stone in your home ?

use natural stone

Why you should use natural stone in your home ?

Natural Stone as a Material

Natural stone is a famous material that is suitable for both interior and exterior designs and architecture. It can add a warmth and charm vibe to any place that is used in. For example, granite stone is one of the most durable, hardest and densest natural stones that can help maintaining luster and resistance longer than other materials which is so different with concrete stones.

Most of the interior designers prefer to use natural materials in their projects. Because by using natural stone you can have a timeless decoration to your liking in your property. It also is an eco-friendly and sustainable product which can be on the top of the list of everlasting materials that can adjust to any style. The first step is to get all these incredible features, is to choose a material that can ideally fit to your needs and personal style. For instance, by choosing travertine stone you can enhance a more classical and sleek look for your place. Once you have chosen the material you want and can work better to your desires, you should think about whether it is suitable or can it work perfectly in the space you want to use it for or not.

use natural stone

Natural stones are unique in patterns, textures, styles and colors. Each kind of these stones can present different feeling and vibes to your place. For example, only granite stone can have various patterns due to the origin and area from which it was harvested. This feature gives you enough room to choose a product that you like and desire. This trait can grow more when different types of finishing is added.

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use natural stone in your home

Natural stones can lithely get along with any element such as plants, soil, wood, water, fire and many others. All of these elements are the things that natural stone contrasts with them all around us and we have seen their combinations many times in nature. So why not try to bring that beauty into your own home. Here we will address benefits of using natural stones in your house and projects. Hopefully by using what we say in this article, you can make your final decision. Here they are:

  1. Highly Durable

Natural stone is extremely durable and strong. This property makes it an ideal choice of material for paving and flooring specially in the high traffic areas. Also it is a good option for countertops in kitchen and bathrooms which can ensure that stains, scratches, and heat can’t be a threat to the appearance and feel of the counters.

  •  It is a Natural and Sustainable Product

Natural stone is a product of different and natural formation processes. These products can help architects in their sustainable design goals, including a low embodied energy or with the absence of off-gases they can help to increase the air quality. If they are maintained properly, natural stone products can last a very long time.

  • Various Ways to Include Natural Stone in Your Home

The elegance and versatile qualities of natural stone can allow you to combine them with other materials throughout all designs and create a contemporary space that spreads the all the right feelings. The wide range of colors and the uniqueness of each pieces, means that every room in your design is a masterpiece that doesn’t exist on any other place all over the world.

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In the living rooms, it is common to see split-faced stones or stacked stone surrounding the fireplace and making it a focal point in the room. However, when you use the same color palette as the rest of the room with an applied smooth finishing on the natural stones, it can create a more contemporary look for the room. As for the kitchens, a natural stone countertop can be a good food prep surface.  When these tiles are combined with kitchen cabinets, they stand out and present a luxurious look.

And last but not least, natural stone can be used on the floors, walls and counters of the bathroom. You can also use them in the shower to compliment the other materials in the room and create a unique focal point. Another way of using natural stones in bathroom, is to use them in small pieces for backsplashes.

  •  Easily Maintained

Maintaining and taking care of the natural stone products in your home, is really a simple job and you don’t need to worry about it. The important fact is that during the installation process you should have a suitable sealant product for treating your natural stone surface. This sealant can form a barrier that makes the natural stone tiles resistant to moisture and stains. It is best if you check the sealant annually. Also cleaning natural stone is a quick task that only needs a little bit of soap and warm water. You should note that, if you wipe up spills and drips quickly, they won’t leave a trace.

  • It is always a Trend on the Market
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Natural stone is a material that can never go out of style. With its vast range of colors, the uniqueness of each piece, and the multiple types of finishes it can always be available in some ways. Whether you are a fan of classic shiny stones or a trendy matte finishes, natural stone can aim to please you.

  • Noise-Absorbent

Nowadays, one of the issues that we face is noise pollutions. Since natural stone materials like limestone, marble, and sandstone have a naturally porous texture, they can offer high noise insulation. So by using them as wall claddings and facades you can have a serene, steady and calm atmosphere in your home.

  • Door Surrounds

If you want to make a bold statement in your house or you are hoping to incorporate some beautiful vibe into your place, you can surround your home’s entrance with marble stone. It will give a distinct look to your entryway. Marble door surrounds can provide your home with a timeless appeal and a classic style.

We hope you have found the answer you were looking for. if not, contact us. The professional consulters of Unikastone will help you in any way they can.

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