What is Tumbled Limestone Pavers

What is Tumbled Limestone Pavers

All-natural stones are finally presented to the customer in a special shape and final design. Tumbled limestone is one of the types of finished limestone that we describe in this article.

Tumbled Limestone paver

Tumbled limestone is one of the types of limestone paver finishes; in general, all types of limestone finishes include:

  • Honed
  • Tumbled
  • Brushed
  • Polished

In this section, we want to talk about the tumbled limestone paver section. Among the topics we want to address, we can mention how to make Tumbled limestone, how to clean it, its price, and so on. But before that, let’s explain the difference between this type of limestone finish. Tumbled limestone is more worn and opaque than other forms of limestone finish and has no shaved edges, and has an old appearance at first glance.

Tumbled limestone outdoor

One of the uses of limestone paver is for outdoor use. Outdoors, the conditions are much more difficult for rocks and factors used outdoors because outdoor has more aspects than indoor, such as natural factors such as storms, wind, rain, high dust. And … is to damage the stone, so the selected stone must have high resistance so that it is not easily damaged over time. ،Tumbled limestone paver, in addition to having high strength, which is one of the main properties of limestone, with a dull and opaque appearance, along with a special appearance, also suffers minor damage in terms of appearance.

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Tumbled limestone floor tile

For the Tumbled limestone paver in the interior, one of the places needing limestone properties is floor tiles. The floor tile needs a stone that gets less dirty than other stones and has more resistance because it takes many steps and gets dirty more than other places in the house. Tumbled limestone pavers with a dull and beautiful appearance and high durability are excellent options for floor tile.

tumbled limestone floor tiles

Is tumbled limestone easy to clean

Tumbled limestone pavers, despite having a cloudy appearance and high durability against dirt and pressure, also have weaknesses derived from the main properties of limestone, a type of rock against the shedding of acidic substances such as tea and coffee. They are very vulnerable and have stains on them. Of course, this disadvantage of tumbled limestone paver also has solutions. Tumbled limestone pavers can be easily cleaned, provided that the principles of cleaning limestone and using appropriate detergents are observed.

Tumbled limestone price

Regarding the price of tumbled limestone paver, you should note that the variety between sizes and models of this type of stone is wide, and for each one, a different price may be considered, so as a result, in short, there can be no price specified for this type of stones. Of course, you can be sure that in the unikastone collection, along with having the best quality and materials, it has tried to provide you with the lowest prices.

Tumbled limestone in Sydney

In the Australian outback, and especially in Sydney, due to the unique weather conditions, we must make sure to use the best material when using paver stones, including tumbled limestone paver, so that we do not have any problems after installing the paver. Unikastone Group, having a history of service to the dear people of Australia and gaining their satisfaction, claims to have the quality and suitable conditions for the sale of various types of stones, including limestone for the people of this country.

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Best Tumbled Limestone

Selecting and identifying the best paver stones, including tumbled limestone paver, is one of the essential factors in buying a stone. Because buying low-quality stones can have terrible consequences for the customer and ultimately regret and stop buying. A tumbled limestone pavement may suffer from paleness, cracking, deformation, etc., if it does not have the required quality and standards. The best-tumbled limestone paver has high durability and an excellent appearance.

By guaranteeing the best quality, unikastone company, to provide the best service and the best-tumbled limestone paving, tries to keep its customers satisfied both when and after buying.

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