How to choose basalt stone tile?

How to choose basalt stone tile?

Basalt stone tiles

basalt stone tiles are volcanic-based materials. They are highly durable stones that have a very beautiful veined texture in a unique palette of colors. They are mostly available in dark gray to black colors; however, lighter gray basalt tiles are available but not so popular as construction or design materials.

Basalt stone tiles use

Basalt tiles can be versatile and highly durable; these features can make them a good choice of material for both interior and exterior design purposes. For indoor uses, they can be seen as flooring, kitchen units, wall coverings, and claddings. For instance, they have a striking look that can be a great tool when you want to create a vintage, old and, accent styles.

Basalt is a porous material; this fact can be an advantage if you like the special texture that it makes, but it can become a disadvantage if you use them as countertops or paving in kitchens. If it gets exposed to oil, the stain will remain. It is recommended to select a low porous material for kitchen countertops; materials like marble or granite can be a better choice. Due to their natural resilience and strength, they can be used for outdoor renovation and design projects.

Basalt is mainly used as a structural material in the forms of bricks, tiles, foundations, and sculptures. Also, for thermal purposes within stonewalls, rail tracks and it can serve well as an insulator and around the fireplaces for interior design purposes. The crushed form of basalt stone tile can be used as an aggregate in construction projects, road beddings, concrete aggregate, asphalt pavement aggregate, railroad ballast, and filter stones.

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Basalt Durability

In this section, we want to point out the hardness and durability of basalt. Since basalt is one of the volcanic rocks, according to the principle of cooling, it must have very good and high resistance and durability, so that to maintain the basalt, all that is needed is to keep it clean, despite the lack of dust. Surface soil is practically a very simple task.

Wall Basalt Stone Tile

Basalt wall tile is one of the stylish and suitable choices for your interior and even exterior decoration; because of its unique appearance, it can give a new and new feeling to the environment in each used part, and due to its high durability and resistance to The cause of the volcano was created for him, it was used in any kind of personal and public place because it will not need to be replaced forever.

Basalt tiles finishing’s

For natural stone tiles, there are many different finishing ways. So you have a wide range of choices to make decisions out of. Here we recommend you the best finishing types that can be applied on basalt stones:


 This type of finishing is made when you grind down the stone to remove the top layer, revealing a satin and matte finish. This process will make the basalt stone tiles slip-resistance. The combination of other features that this stone has with a honed finish makes it one of the best paving choices for kitchen and bathroom floors.


By sweeping the basalt stone with a wire brush, a matte and level naturally worn-down effect surface is created. This finishing makes the tiles a low-maintenance tile that can easily be cleaned. They become way more slip-resistant which makes them the best choice for paving kitchens or hallways.

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Chiseled basalt tiles have horizontal grooves all over the stone. They have a beautiful rugged texture appearance; their surface is flat and riven. The rough parts of the surface are slip-resistant. They can be a good choice when it comes to vintage and old design styles.

Flamed and waterjet

This type of finishing can make simple and low-textured, soft-toned basalt tiles. This finishing has many softly highlighted ranges of coppery red and grey within its texture. Flamed and waterjet Finishing is one of the most popular types of finishes for basalt tiles. This finishing can stand the test of time, and it will stay slip-resistance.

Advantages of Basalt Tiles

  • Each basalt stone tile has a unique texture and appearance of its own. This beauty can be seen when you lay them together as in paving or wall claddings. They can provide a luxurious and stunning sleek look, especially when used in darker shades of colors for your designs. This hard and solid stone can offer a high homogeneous color distribution to your home design.
  • As we mentioned earlier, basalt stone is a natural volcanic stone that has been used in architectural and construction projects for many centuries, which proves that this material can withstand changes over time.
  • In modern style home design and projects, basalt tiles are one of the best and main choices for a sleek and unique type of material. The durable basalt stone tiles are really easy to install.
  • In comparison to other natural stones, like granite or marble, basalt stone tiles have a neutral color shade that can easily blend into other places with other colored stones.
  • The different shades of gray color of basalt can offer a sense of tranquility and comfort in different parts of the house.
  • If you ever get tired of the colors in your home decor, using basalt tiles can help you change the space with neutral-based colors. They can completely change the overview and look of your house.
  • Due to the formation process of basalt stone, its tiles are hard and highly durable.
  • Basalt tiles are low-maintenance and need very little cleaning because their surface can be dust-free.
  • The high-quality basalt stone tiles are cut with a cutting machine that gets accurate sizing. These machines can cut basalt stones into thin tiles. After the cutting and sizing process, any type of finishing can be applied on their surface.
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Disadvantages of Basalt Tile

  • Basalt tiles have a porous texture and surface, so they can easily be colored but, the empty holes on their surface are more noticeable on a darker-colored.
  • Basalt stone tiles are mostly gray. Unlike other natural stones, you cannot rely on its vast color choices for your design.
  • Basalt tiles can be available in many textured finishes, but if you don’t choose the right finishing, they can require more maintenance and care.
  • Note that when you want to buy basalt tiles, look out for their clarity and uniformity. The high-quality tiles must be clear in color and selection, with no major mineral deposits recognizable with the naked eyes.
  • Basalt stone tiles have a high absorption rate, so it is not recommended to use them in highly damped and wet areas.

If you still need help and are not sure to choose basalt stone tiles, contact us. In the Unikastonethe group, our professional consultors can help you make the best decision and get the result you want.

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