Sandstone Or limestone paving?which choose?

Sandstone Or limestone paving?which choose?

When you want to choose a material for your paving and flooring, there is no question that natural stones are one of the most recommended and popular ones. Sandstone Or limestone paving?which choose? Obviously there are numerus reasons for that, below we name some of them:


Due to the forming process of natural stones, they have beautiful texture, unique surfaces and façades. So there is no way that other man-made products can compete when them as their beauty is gained over time with a natural process. Each slab has its own markings and color range and hues.

It can stand the test of time

Sandstone Or limestone paving |Natural stone paving can beautifully age and weather over time. note that it is essential to know each stones advantage and disadvantages when you are choosing one for your project. For example; if you want to pave wet places like around pools, they should be water proofed, easy and comfortable to walk on bare footed and they should not be slippery.

  • Eco-friendly

The only man-made task in making slabs out of natural stones like sandstone, is quarrying which is a much eco-friendlier process than intensive production process used to create man-made paving materials that can do damages to the environment.

  • Easy installation

As natural stones are calibrated which means that each slab has gone through a strip mill that ensures its regular and even depth, all natural stone slabs can easily be laid on a level based ground rather than using more skillful and individual bases.

  • Low-maintenance

Once that you install natural stone slab and tiles, they will last for a long time. You can clean them easily and keep them perfect by regularly maintaining them.

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Sandstone Or limestone paving ? Natural Stone Paving

Sandstone Or limestone paving | When it comes to natural stone paving materials, sandstone and limestone are two of the most popular options you can find. If you want to start renovations on a new driveway, garden or patio projects, they are almost always the first recommended options you get. It can be difficult to choose which between them. In this article we compare them for you to make the better decision.

To discuss more about what are the differences between sandstone and limestone paving, we compare them in different aspects like durability, style, texture and versatility so it can help you decide which one is more suitable for your project. We will analyze their strengths and weaknesses to see which paving material comes out more efficiently.

What is sandstone ?

 Sandstone is one of the famous sedimentary rocks which is made out of sandy pieces of rocks and minerals mixed with mud. Millions of years ago, their forming process has occurred at the bottoms of seas, rivers and lakes.

It usually can be seen all over the world from Australia, USA, western and central Europe, Africa, India to almost anywhere. So, Sandstone is one of the most common types of rock presented all over the planet.

Advantages and disadvantages of sandstone

Sandstone is hard and has a high strength, it can withstand time and environmental changes longer than other man-made material options. Sandstone is not as hard as granite or marble, so it makes it easier to be cut, carve and shaped into more interesting elements.

Sandstone slab and tiles can easily be reused or recycled. Which makes it an eco-friendly material.

As for color and textures, sandstone can offer vast and diverse choices.

Compared to other natural stone paving materials like granite and marble, it is more affordable and flexible to your budgets.

As it is a natural material, each slab and tile has its unique appearance. If you need to replace it because of damages, you don’t need to be worried about matching it.

Compared to limestone, sandstone with a sawn finishing can show more of contemporary style options.

Its texture is grainy, so The sandy texture makes it slip-resistant that can work better in wet areas like swimming pool surrounds or open spaces which are exposed to more rain and water.

Light shades of sandstone are a little bit more porous than darker color ones. So, the light hue types of it can take in a little bit more of water; they may require extra maintenance and cleaning or you may even have to apply a sealant.

What is limestone?

With pressurized sediment under the sea and waters, limestones are made. They are durable natural stones and based on the different impurities in each sediment, they can have many color and hues.

Advantages and disadvantages of Limestone

  • As mentioned before, limestone is durable. for proof, you can take a look at all the monuments and important buildings such as museums, churches, schools and mansions that have been built from limestone and are still standing.  That means limestone can last long.
  • Even with limited color and hue variations, it has a beautiful appearance and look.
  • Its texture is more flatter, softer and smoother than sandstone, so it can work better as for driveways or indoor decoration and designs.
  • Just like sandstone, limestone can absorb a bit of water and can endure tough weather conditions. You should know that limestone will absorb less water than sandstone so it can be a good choice if you live in a rainy weather and moist location.
  • Both sandstone and limestone have good strength for being used as a paving material. They can easily withstand the weight of cars on the drive and high foot traffics. Note that with different thickness and how they are laid this resilience can be different.

Sandstone Or limestone paving ? Which is the best?

Sandstones can work for patio, garden path paving and landscaping for any type of property, whether in contemporary or traditional styles. Meanwhile, limestone is more suitable for all areas, both internally and externally such as driveways, gardens, patios, pathways, stepping stones and other interior design. Both of them are really easy to maintain, but in comparison sandstone is easier to care and maintain than limestone.

In the end, the choice is yours and completely depends on your needs and tastes.Sandstone Or limestone paving ? If you want a versatile material, they can both pass with a high score. For best results, you can contact us to consult with our professional group.

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