Which Patio Slabs are best?

Which Patio Slabs are best?

Natural Stone Paving

There are different types of natural stones available as paving materials. Natural stone has been used in construction projects for about thousands of years and also it still is being used for many modern structures all around the world. As we all know, there are great monuments across the world that proves the strength, quality and long-lasting advantage of natural stones.

The natural stone colors have been made in the forming process in different parts of the earth, so they are not result of a man-made process. Thanks to that, the results are incredibly beautiful and astonishing.

Natural stone material is considered to be a superior product for many reasons. For example, it can stand over time without changing. natural stone colors are subtle and have a wide verity. They can be more resistant to frost than concrete paving. They are easy to clean and more importantly they can even add value to a property or project.

An interesting fact is that the quarrying process of natural stone is very environment friendly than process of some other paving materials.

Things that you should look for when choosing patio slabs

  • Design

One of the most important thing to consider is your personal style and design preferences. It means you should look for everything from the color and size of the slabs to the overall look that they present and compare them to your tastes.

For instance, a minimal and contemporary exterior façade will have many different design requirements to a classic, traditional or rustic patio space. As for a modern styled patio, large monochrome slabs with a smooth surface can provide a sleek feel, whereas a more buff colored Patio slab with a natural surface texture can blend easily and beautifully into any classic or rural settings.

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As for colors, you can go for classic natural stone slabs in greys and brown colors. if not and for more modern styles, you can explore the vast choice of colors available in different types of stones. Also, with the help of a skilled craftsman you can decide on different types of finishing for your stones surface.

  • Practicality

You should think about the use that your patio will see. For example, some stones with their flat, non-slip surface and non-porous qualities are more suitable to areas around pools or wet places. whereas riven natural stone slabs will naturally absorb more water than any man-made tile.

A natural stone in light hue may not be suitable for neat people. Because for light color slabs you should expect to see more of stains and grimes. Whereas, the darker hue slabs need lower maintenance and care however when they are in black or dark grey, they can show more of dirt. 

  • Maintenance

the fact of maintenance and upkeep of your space is very important. While most of the patio slabs are made to need low-maintenance, over time any space will naturally need some caring and looking after. if you want your garden to look its best you should do it frequently.

For example, if you have young children or pets, your space is likely to get more dirty specially if your patio is in light-colored natural stones and you might even make you to consider changing it to either porcelain paving or a darker color stone which likely can show less of any stains or spillages. Also for patios, you should choose algae-resistant slabs with low moisture contents.

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Famous Patio Slabs

There is a vast range of differences between each type of natural stones. Each factor can determine which slabs are more suited to the needs of your project, here we name two of the most common types of natural stones that you can use for your patios.

  • Granite Paving

Granite paving can offer a wealth of design and redecorating opportunities. with a high range of sizes and color options that are available all over the market, you can always find a style that suites to your project. You can choose them from a multitude of sizes. granite paving can be in large format pavers to smaller slabs or even as a mixed-size that can be perfect for making a random layer, it can create a unique finishing. Granite stone has many color options. It has a range from light and bright Silver Grey, the mid-grey tones in Blue Black Granite to darker tone like Black Granite Paving.

Patio Slabs , Granite tiles are mostly used for paving, flooring and wall panels to present an elegant space. The most common type of granite stone used for these tiles is called “black granite” by the company selling them or on the market.

  • Limestone Paving

One of the most affordable styles of natural stone paving, is Limestone stone paving tiles. They allow you to transform your home with whatever that your budget is.

Whether you use limestone slabs for Patio Slabs, interior or exterior design and even renovation, they will change the appearances of your space. It will help you to have a more stunning finishing in your project. As in dark tones, it will look luxurious and make the place eye-catching.

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Limestone slabs and tiles are suitable for many types of landscaping projects. For decades, they have been used for designing patios or garden paving. Due to its vast range of advantages and features, limestone is a popular option for patio paving specially, with a lightly riven surface texture.

As we mentioned, limestone paving slabs are the most affordable natural stone paving options available over the market. Also, they are very durable in bold, dark tones and hues so they can offer a dramatic look to any Slabs patio and open space you have. They will be the main and focal point of the place or with lighter hues, they can blend into the background of the space; it all depends on your design and preferable style needs.

Because of its strength, it can be perfect for any outdoor areas that have high traffic uses like pathways and it can last long for many years. limestone is a very durable option that can withstand adverse weather conditions.

We hope that you have found the answers you were looking for that Which Patio Slabs are best?. If not, contact us as our professional consultors can guide you to find your own style and get the best result by it.

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