Best natural stone tile for bathroom

tile for bathroom

Best natural stone tile for bathroom

Tiles Used in Bathrooms

When you are about to select a material as your bathroom paver and tiles, you should choose the most durable product that you can find available on the market. By knowing this fact, natural stones such as marble, granite, travertine, slate and some other types as such can be the best choice of flooring materials for this important and frequently used room in your house.

tile for bathroom

One of the benefits to natural textures and finishes is that they will provide a non-slip flooring and surface. For this purpose, different finished like tumbled, bush hammered or chiseled are the best type of finishing’s for the bathroom floor. Also by choosing a natural stone instead of other types of flooring materials, you will instantly add a great economic value to your property. 

Tile for bathroom |Bathroom floor tile can be available in a great range and number of materials which means that there are many options available on the market from natural materials like stone, wood or corks to artificial ones such as ceramic, porcelain, and vinyl tiles.

It is essential to choose a paving material that, firstly can prevent and resist moisture from dripping down the surface and causing damages. Secondly, you should select a material that will have resistant to slip when gets wet.

Like any other process of choosing a paving material, the final and last selection comes down to appearances, style and your budget. You should not rush this process, you should make the time to gather information and get to know all of your options. with guidance of that data you can have the best tile for your project which in this case id your bathroom floor. Also by having this information’s can make the process way more easy.

Stone Tiles

In earlier times, stone tiles were only used in foyers. however, in the past decades they have become a popular material used in almost any place as well, bathroom included. for example, one of the most important uses of granite is its usage for bathrooms.

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There are various types of natural stones such as limestone, marble, granite, and slate.  All of the stone tiles can be available in vast ranges of color and hues. They exist with different and numerous kinds of textures including cleft, tumbled, sandblasted, etched, flamed variations and etc.

As for cost, natural stone is more expensive than similar ceramic or porcelain tiles. Also duo to their porous texture, they will require more maintenance such as regular cleaning and sealing than ceramic tiles.

The right selection for bathroom tiles can make a huge impact to the appearance and design of your bathroom. It can help you create a relaxing, elegant and beautiful place that is a reflection of your personal taste and style.

But Which Tiles Should You Choose?

In this article we aim to name and discuss features of the most common, famous and best types of pavers and natural stone tiles that you can use for your bathroom. Here they are:

  • Marble Tiles

tile for bathroom | If you are looking for a luxurious type of natural stone, one of the uses of marble which is the first choice and name that comes in mind. It is the ultimate delicate, beautiful and elegant tiling material. Due to the veins and variation of color that run through marbles surface, it is the ideal option for adding texture to your bathroom design.

This classic stone can work equally and perfectly amazing in both traditional and modern décor Styles which makes it perfect for forming feature elements in your bathroom. It requires a careful maintenance and needs to be handled cautiously. Marble stone is an expensive kind of material but in the meantime it adds value to your property and will present the room with more elegance appearance.

  • Limstone Tiles
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Limestone is a great choice of materials design schemes that need a natural-toned and textures substances. It is available in various shades of beige, brown and grey which can add warmth to your bathroom that can result in enhancing the feel of softness and comfort while it still is a durable natural material.

limestone as in its natural state is a Porous material. So If you want to use its tiles in your bathroom, they need to be sealed very well and carefully. However, all the process and trouble is worth it, because limestone is an attractive and versatile material that can help you to create and design a beautiful warm bathroom.

  • Slate Tiles

tile for bathroom |If you want to have a long-lasting and sturdy paver, slate tiles are the most obvious choice for you. Slate is one of the toughest and hardest tiling materials which makes it almost impossible to scratch or chip.

It has a wide range of color, hues and textures. Every tile has its unique appearance which makes it easy to create stunning and original designs or effects in bathrooms. The most popular colors of slate stone are copper, blue, green, grey and black.

Just like any other natural stone, slate is an expensive material and yet again it worth it. It can be an investment as it adds value to your house while they can last long and will still maintain their perfect appearances for many years.

  • Pebble Tiles

tile for bathroom |Pebble tiles or commonly known as river rock tiles, are a popular material to people who want to create a natural effect in their bathroom and designs. They are the perfect and ideal choice for a coastal or holiday theme. The pebble tiles can add more fondness and texture to your design.

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The pebble tiles come in sheets of river rocks which are glued together by grout. If they are maintained and cleaned carefully, they can be preserved for many years.

  • Porcelain Tiles

If you want a long-lasting material for your bathroom, porcelain is the material that you should choose. It is sturdy, durable, highly water-resistant and it would not get scratch or stained easily.

Porcelain is available in a vast range of colors and it can be made to look like wood or stone which can provide a more durable alternative yet it would not have the natural astatic and appealing of the natural stones. It also is an expensive material.

  • Ceramic Tiles

Just like porcelains, ceramic tiles are made from the same materials but they are less finely ground. which makes them a bit less hard-wearing and water-resistant. You should note that if they are properly sealed, they can be one of the most durable tiling options. One of the benefits of ceramic tiles is that they can be used on both walls and floors. They can be available in different colors and can cost less from all the materials that we named above, yet they also don’t have the uniqueness of natural stones or porcelains durability.

Here at Unikastone we aim to help you find the best material for your needs and styles. If you need help just contact us. We are always more than happy to help.

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