Natural Stone for Home Decor

Stone for Home Decor

Natural Stone for Home Decor

Natural Stone is a kind of material that can bring warmth to your homes interior design as an ornament or decoration. Natural stone has a charm which makes each piece a unique one that can represent its special connection to the earth. Natural stones can be available in many different shapes, hues, forms and sizes which gives you a vast range of choice. They can be used to decorate your home in your ideal style and in the meantime complement or enhance on any decor.

Natural stone is a material that can represent a sense of sole elegance and unique texture to all interior design projects. Since it is a natural based material, each piece is unique and there are not even two pieces that can be the same. This feature can help the designer and architects to have endless combinations with them and create master piece all over the house. natural stones can offer more variety and possibilities for interior design and decorations.

Stone for Home Decor

While some natural stones such as granite, quartz, travertine and marble are the most famous and commonly used kind of natural stones, for the past decades’ interior designers have experimented and used other types and variations of natural stones like limestone in their projects. And surprisingly these stones have passed the test and nowadays you can see that they are used more frequently in different places.

Stone for Home Decor

There are many feature and benefits to using natural stones as a material in your home décor. For example, natural stone has a thermal inertia that can help maintaining the constant temperatures in the homes indoor areas which can end in promoting the thermal comfort and energy savings. It is a eco-friendly material which makes it environmentally sustainable. As its natural texture and origin, this product does not contain with any sort of chemicals so it can be safely used for indoors places of your house. Natural stone is recyclable which can reduce any adverse impact on the ecosystem. Sometimes the leftover stones out of a constructional or restoration project can be reused in other new projects or on another place of a same project.

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Here in this article we will tell you about the usual ways that you can use natural stones in your homes interior design and decorations.

1. Flooring Projects

Stone for Home Decor |Products like granite, marble, travertine, quartzite, slate and limestone are all resistant and durable in different levels which makes them a good choice as paving for flooring different areas. They will enhance a welcoming and warmth vibe to your home decorations.

They are rich in colors and textures, so you can mix the colors and textures and get an interesting result. Their hardness and durability gives them enough resistant to be used as floor tiles in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms or even living-rooms. These materials are strong and durable but they will need an easily but frequently maintenance. If you are looking for a special design and unique aesthetics in your home, you should experiment these material with mix and match of their colors and textures together, the result can be surprisingly appealing to the eye. You should note that, in order to get the best results, you need the help of skilled stone workers who can create masterpieces in stone inlay work.

2. Wall Claddings

Natural stone like slate or sandstone are mostly used as wall claddings. They can add more texture and a fresh feel of appeal to interior walls. You can also create or renovate interior divisions by using stone cladding in different areas or you can even add a touch of texture by cladding walls using various kinds of natural stones. Walls made out of granite or marble stone can have smooth surface that will give the room a sleek and modern modern look.

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3. Fireplaces

Stone for Home Decor | Fireplaces clad is another functional use of natural stones. They can add value to any interior design project and be a focal point in the room. The most common and popular type of natural stone that can be used for this purpose is granite and then limestones.

4. Countertops and backsplashes

Stone for Home Decor | Granite and quartzite are the most recommended and ideal natural stones for backsplashes and kitchen or bathroom countertops. They are rough, non-porous, durable and easy to maintain. With all the aesthetic possibilities and values that they have, you can choose them from variation of colors and finishes. Having a dining table in your kitchen with a stone top can help enhance the earthy vibe and ambience of the room, it can also add a highlight the table and make it the focal point of the room, it all depend to your liking.

5. Sculptures and Decorative Items

Another use of natural stone is to create decorative items such as sculptures, lamps, plates, coffee tables and etc. They are the ultimate and perfect accessories that you can use for decorations which can help you apply the finishing touches to any place in your home.

6. Accessories

Stone artefacts like sculptures, coffee tables and lamps can make a perfect accessory for both in the living room area as well as the backyard garden. Shahabad and Kota stone can blend perfectly with gardens so they are used for landscape and exterior designs. Also you can have panels of semiprecious stones, pebbles and shells as wall highlights to your furniture.

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7. Shelves and Storage

In some places, natural stones such as granite and limestone in seen to be used for shelves and open storages. Suspended shelves made out of natural stone are not only functional but also easy to maintain. they can add aesthetic value to the place. Rows of stone shelves in the kitchen can create a sense of openness which can enhance the feeling of accessibility in this place. In the end, when a type of natural stone is used in interiors design and home decors, it can lend a timeless and elegant vibe to the place. With all that being said, now you must be ready to choose you ideal natural stone for your home decor projects. If you need more help, contact us. Here at Unikastone we aim to help you through this process and make it a memorable journey for you

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