Ash Gray Limestone Natural Split Tumbled Paver

Ash Gray Limestone Natural Split Tumbled Paver

Ash Gray Limestone Natural Split Tumbled Paver

Limestone is a type of sedimentary rock which is mostly formed out of calcium carbonate and the marine fossils remains also combined with different amounts of clay, silt, or sand. The combination of extra minerals with different amount are the main reason for various colors that are available, you can find them on the market by shades of colors such as blue, gray, red, tan, beige or green.

About 10% of all the sedimentary rocks are limestone based which makes so many deposits of it to be available all around the world. Their quarries exist in many countries such as the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Egypt, India, parts of the US and so many other countries.

Like marble stone, limestone is known to be a heavy and hard-wearing stone with a textured surface which can present to be a suitable material for areas such as patios. This stone is also popular on the market due to its insulating properties. this feather mean that limestone would never get too cold or too hot which is just another reason why this material if recommended for hardscaping.

There are numerous kinds of limestone available all over the world in different colors, textures, and finishes. They have different amounts of fossils in different sizes or degrees of permeability. Some types of limestone can be more suitable for flat exterior surfaces; while some other kinds that have textured surfaces are better to be used in patio or terraces for being slip resistant.

Limestone has a vast color pallet, including colors like different shades of dark to light gray, green, blue, gold, buff, cream, and white. Due to their formation process and amount of various minerals involved, some sorts of limestones can be more polychromatic than others. overall, the lighter the color of the limestone gets, the more marine fossils must be involved. If you want to select and choose a dark colored limestone, note that over time its color can fade away.

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Just like any other natural stone, there are many different finishes that can be applied on limestone slab and tiles. But most of the time, the honed finish is recommended for many surfaces, while some types of it are naturally split. If you want a uniform or monotonous surface, you should ask for flamed finishes which can give the surface a steady texture. As for the edges, they can be tumbled, split, chiseled, shaped or cut.

As for durability and toughness compared to other natural stones, limestone is somewhere between granite and marble. An advantage that only limestone has among all other natural stones is that it can have an amazing display of fossils visible with naked eyes within the stones texture however this is rare case and not a very common one.

Maintain Ash Gray Limestone

Maintaining Limestone

As we mentioned earlier limestone is just slightly harder than marble stone, so the polished finish is usually not applied on it. While it does not have the same problems with scratching; but it is possible for limestone to lose its perfect quality in appearance if it’s not maintained properly. With all that being said it is recommended to always have barrier mattings to clean off outdoor sand or mud sits on the limestones surface before walking on it again.

One of the crucial points about maintaining limestone slab and tiles, is the possibility of stain on them. If an acidic material is left to sit on the stone for a long time, it can cause damages to the stone. Keep in mind that you should always clean up the spills immediately and never use any acidic detergent products on them. limestone is highly parasite, so just use insured cleaning products without acid in them on your stones.

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Natural stones are valuable materials so if you delay the restoration and maintenances, the can be expensive and cost so much. So all the companies recommend to their customers to make a plan and regularly clean their purchased products. As for limestones, you can use a soft mop with simple soaps designed specifically for cleaning natural stone to clean them yourself. You can also have professional regular maintenance that can maintain the honed or polished appearance of your stone.

in conclusion, for keeping the beauty and appeal of your limestone, you should perform both preventative and regular maintenances. In this way your limestone stone paving, wall cladding or surface will last for much longer time.

One of the advantages of using limestone as patio pavers, it is that it would not need a sealer. It also can be cleaned with water or mixture of water with an alkaline cleaner. Keep in mind that a simple acid like lemon juice or vinegar can also cause damages to the stone.

Limestone advantages and disadvantages

  • Limestone is a long lasting natural material if it is maintained and care for.
  • Limestone can be a suitable choice for anyone’s taste or styles, because it is aesthetically versatile and available in many color and hues.
  • Limestone can be used in many applications both for indoors and outdoors so you can use them in different per portions to match all the elements in your area.
  • Limestone has great insulating properties to
  • Compared to other stones like bluestone or sandstone, limestone can be expensive.
  • The most important disadvantage that limestone has, its it vulnerability in facing acids.
  • Limestone is a heavy natural stone which can end up increasing transportation costs.
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Ash Grey Limestone

Ash Grey is one of the most famous limestones available on the market especially for hardscaping and exterior designs. It is kind of domestic limestone that has a beautiful buff color with slight grey undertones in its texture. The natural split pavers can add more real and natural looks to your projects. Like any other limestone, ash grey limestone with natural split tumbled finish is a suitable material for many architectural designs and applications.

Here in Unikastone, we do understand that the process of choosing and installing your selected slab and tiles can be hard while you want to maintain your design spaces beauty to.  For more information, just give us a call or contact us, we will help and advise you to find the best product suited for your needs.

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