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Gohera Limestone

Gohera Limestone Slab & Tile | Unikastone

What is Gohera Limestone?

Gohera Limestone is a kind of sedimentary rock. most of the time you can find skeleton fragments in them. For example, fragments of marine organisms like coral, sponges and molluscs are embedded in them. As you may already know, different types of limestones have been used for many constructional purposes over the years. Duo to its formation process, it has a texture with intriguing qualities. For instance, it has a granular texture that gives it strength and durability. When choosing a natural stone for an external usage, durability has always been one of the key features. To prove that, you can see many landmarks and monuments all over the world that are made out of limestones such as the great Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Great Pyramids. Also in today’s world, Gohera has been used as a facade stone for commercial buildings, cathedrals and hotels.

Gohera Limestone Characteristics

As for the characteristics of the Gohera , it has a neutral color that can be available in soft splashes and tones of warm toned grey color. It has a texture with soft taupe tones and minor fossil fragments. If you found a light color Gohera with no veining, it means that it will complement other textures and colors. Because of the neutral color that this stone has, it can be used as a beautiful backsplash in living rooms. also, it can work perfectly with any style, the trending pop of colors, favorite textures, furnishings, artwork and even lighting within the interior and exterior design to present a plesent area in your home.

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Gohera Limestone uses

Gohera Limestone has one of the highest rates in selling among natural stones. It can be used for different interior and exterior purposes such as wall executions, floor applications, paving, stairs, fountains, pool surrounds, countertops and tabletops; So it is usable in almost every part of the building and depend on designer’s creativity it can add aesthetic values to the project. Also Gohera stone can be used as a material for interior design projects in different styles, it will present the place with a relax and cozy vibe.

Gohera Limestone

Gohera Limestone has a tough and durable high quality surface which makes it easy to clean and needs just a little and low maintenance. As mentioned before, this stone is incredibly versatile, hard wearing and slip-resistance even in wet areas. these features make Gohera a good choice for both interior and exterior paving, it is a perfect choice of material for wet and damp places with high traffic like yards, around the pool and hallways.

Gohera has a budget friendly price, and it can be available in many regions which makes it a good choice of material for interior or exterior design projects. Gohera can be used for different purposes in different areas. In order to get the best result, you should choose the right type of finish. There are different ways of using and types of finishing when it comes to Gohera ; we named them in bellow and also you can purchase them in our online shop:

  • Gohera limestone slabs
  • Gohera Limestone Honed Unfilled Tile
  • Gohera Limestone Honed Unfilled Paver
  • Gohera Limestone Honed Tumbled Unfilled Tile
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Gohera limestone slabs

When a big part of this stone is cut into flat pieces with variety of thickness, a slab is made. Gohera limestone slabs have many uses in designing and renovation of constructional projects and Based on their thickness and durability, they can be used for paving, facades, headstones or etc.

Gohera Limestone Honed Unfilled Tile

By grinding on side of the unfinished stone, a honed finish with a smooth texture is made. This finish can have range from a dull matt to a stain or high sheen. It is the opposite of a polished finish which is shiny and glossy. And as for unfilled finishing, the holes in texture remains unfilled duo to the tiles aged appearance. The surface or edges of the unfilled tiles are often enhanced. in conclusion, a Gohera Limestone Honed Unfilled Tile is a natural stone tile that has a soft surface with holes remain in its texture.

Gohera Limestone Honed Unfilled Paver

Just like Gohera Limestone Honed Unfilled Tiles, the finishing process is the same but pavers need to have more durability so they are available in different thickness.

Gohera Limestone Honed Tumbled Unfilled Tile

The tumbled tiles are very different in appearance from other tiles that have been honed or polished. Their surface is dusty-looking, and their color is muted. So the Gohera Limestone Honed Tumbled Unfilled Tile, is a Gohera stone that has three different finishing applied on it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Gohera Limeston

  • The Gohera Limestone is a valuable natural resource.
  • Quarrying limestone can create job opportunities which can help the local economy.
  • Gohera has different tones of neutral colors which makes them a good choice of material that can blend in with variety od styles in any place.
  • Limestone, cement and mortar are materials that slowly react to acid rain and wear away, over time, this damages walls and facades that are made out of limestone.  This process can leave gaps between slab and tiles.
  • This stone can be a budget friendly material.
  • Quarrying is a hard process and it make loud noise and traffic.
  • Limestone quarries can be seen from long distances which is not a pleasant view.
  • The Gohera Limestone is available with different finishes and it is slip-resistant even in wet places
  • Gohera can be used for different purposes in different design styles.
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In the end, Gohera Limestone is a valuable building material, you should note that limestones react with acid rain and wears away over time, so you should have a frequent and regular maintenance plan. For more information, you can contact us. here at Unikastone we will be more than happy to help you the best and suitable natural stone for your projects.

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